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Zumbis is creatures who costumam to appear in books and films as died reanimated of thought irrational. The origin of this belief is old and many say to have started with the Afro-American legend of the Vodus that were controlled for a great powerful wizard. Although it is a belief known in the North America and Africa, this legend was not very common in Brazil. Everything started when this thematic one invaded the cinemas and started to popularize in the country, being also invaded the imaginary one of the Brazilian people. The combination cinema and you buzz already was good, however combo perfect still was for coming. The games of I buzzed if they had become a true fever and now they are available gratuitously in the form Internet online.

If you adore this thematic one and are good of aiming, you use to advantage the game ' ' Serious 2' '. You buzz them had invaded the White House and you he will have that to take off them of there at any cost. To each minute, the number of monsters goes increasing and you go to need to improve its ability of shot to gain this stop. Beyond pistol, in the game Zombie Horde you will be able to use other not conventional weapons as bricks, pistols, flame thrower, bazookas and what more it will be appearing. In this game you will have to protect its base you buzz so that them do not destroy everything, also you.

In case that you prefer an armament heavier, the version Zombie Horde 2 also exists, that it possesss pistols, machine guns and other firearms. These you buzz exactly are very abused. Now, they had decided to invade its house! Either agile to obtain to make right certeiros shots in the head of these monsters. You will be able throughout the game to also buy weapons and to conquer attributes that go to facilitate its defense against this terrible invasion I buzzed. If you adore a game emotive, you use to advantage to know the games better online of You buzzed of the Show of Games. He is enough only that you have a hardwired computer the Internet and you already she will be able to leave eliminating these plagues in some games and games online.