Home Rehabilitation Santa Ana

July – 1968. The Home Rehabilitation Santa Ana began work in September 19S2 in order to accommodate children severely affected by polio sequelae, who had left their parents aban-tion during the epidemic of 1954. It is a Nursing Home. The HOME REHABILITATION SANTA ANA was built in an area of land donated by the family Aguiluz Castro, who are the owners of the La Lindora, where is located the Home. Its size is three and a half hectares, (35,000 square yards). The construction of the building as their mo-bile was achieved thanks to the contribution of the people of Costa Rica and the Government, through activities conducted by the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Legislative Assembly and some Government Ministries.The distribution that exists at home is as follows: Reception room, dental office for care of children in care, detention room for 25 boys and 25 girls, taught school where six degrees, bedroom for children over 13 years attended high school in the capital, living sewing and crafts, library, dining room employees, children room, wine cellar for storing food, chapel, assembly hall where the film is projected while the orchestra rehearses and Section room religious Sisters, laundry. Moreover, under mechanical workshop for wheelchair and other household appliances. It also has planted agricultural section where the main products of common use in vegetables, 2000 farm where chickens are kept in order to maintain both eggs for consumption and for sale section of fruit trees, some cages containing animals such as rabbits , turkeys, pigeons castilla, parrots, birds, ducks, geese.It has a water well that supplies the HOME. Basketball court, football plaza and pool. There is also a musical group featuring marimba and other instruments like drums, electric bass and two singers. The home has two buses for transfer of patients, buying food and walking holidays-ing or walking. The staff consists of a medical director and administrator, four Sisters of the Congregation Santa Ana, two teachers of elementary education, music teacher, religion teacher, a professor of music group, a general coordinator, miscellaneous employees, nursing assistants, agricultural laborers, driver. The home is held by an annual subsidy it receives from the Government of the Republic tour to 200,000. None of the children admitted paying dues with the exception of some patients said they sometimes exists in the HOME. Currently there is a revenue stamp that is worth 0.50, which was created in 1967 by Law No. 3890 published in Gazette on 22-Jun-67, which reads as follows: … ART.