Hypothetical Progress

Today I am remembering a phrase attributed to the Romans who says Mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind in healthy body). And this dear reader is a truth as a castle, anyone who has his clean soul as a paten, who listen and give him everything that calls him, is going to have any disease. Those who have been suffering from a serious medical condition or that we have had to undergo an operation, we know little that we try to remember, as physical illness has always been accompanied by some circumstance delicate in our life, any deficiency that we had at that time, any Toad that we had swallowed and didn’t know how to metabolize. When we are sick, the right thing it seems seek medical advice. This is a good measure if we were only a body, but of course what we do is deposit our concerns and problems in a person who barely knows us and who will never know is what happens to us really.

Do you know art that has to have a doctor so in just 5 minutes you arrive to? do know specifically that it is what happens to you really? Force the physician to be clarifying what specific symptoms are that you have to be at your fingertips cure and that things are quiet you are that really made you sick. Since pulling the thread, if the doctor really don’t know your circumstances, evil is going to know what they should do with it, only thing you can do is what we all know, i.e. give a standard treatment and send you some medicines that you share with other thousands of people more. But is your heartburn than the other? and your wisdom teeth pain? and the grippe of flu with which you have raised? It turns out that all the people who have these symptoms will share with you the antacid, anti-inflammatory or influenza on duty that you have sent to you.