Infantile Literature

Until then, it does not have signals of the existence of materials directed to the children. The writer Denise Escarpit points in its studies, the first books that would have been destined to the children, pointing as well as example the work Orbis Sensualium Pictus (1658), of Comenius, workmanship written with the intention to teach Latin, through engravings. What it would be today, our book didactic. Melido Perez: the source for more info. In gnese of Infantile Literature, what it predominates are the works of folclrica origin, such you happened as them, constraint-language, stories, fbulas. This material starts to be considered as literary product, a time that passes of the orality for the written language. Therefore we can conclude that until century XVII, nobody had thought about Infantile Literature. ' ' Since the primdios, infantile literature surege one forms literary minor, atrelada to the utilitarian-pedagogical function makes that it to be more pedagogical of what literatura.' ' (Infantile Literature voice of child, p 09). Situations of confusion how much its true function in the life of the children, had become lasting.

If to take in account literature in its essence, perceive that, belonging to the field of the arts, it does not have the pretension to impose or to moralizar to its readers, not obstante its existence is motivated by the force and creativity to extend horizontes of individuals, promoting to them one imagined universe, where it can happen accurately what we gostariamos that it had in the real world and however in Literature is only possible. In the truth the literature presented to the children had before everything, strong ideologies that aimed at the teachings the base of frightening texts that infundiam in the mind of the children fear feelings that they impussionvam to the one blind obedience to the parents and the ace religious beliefs. Were supplied texts of doctrinal values that objectified to multiply the propagation of the ideas created for the bourgeois society. .