Inquisition Language

The languages were enriched with all the contributions: the medieval copyists created the Spanish n. Before the current Inquisition of the language we must enrich it with a part of all intellectual effort. If nothing else the heart shreds the idea of reforming the orthography of the language purists (which not even conceive that language is a lively, transformative entity) and that not even conceive one of the large inheritances as culture is the power to transcend the spontaneous generation by the historic will and deep tradition. The spelling reform, would have been a good opportunity because this would open the minds of millions of people to the progress and the future, and it would have facilitated the integration of the Portuguese of Brazil and the Spanish of the Americas. Andres Bello (1781-1865) in its intellectual tasks thought such as facilitating the literacy of the millions of young illiterates in the Americas and in that task the inherited spelling of Spain would have to simplify it; should undergo a reform: today (as of 2009) are million lawyers and professionals who lack of the more minimal spelling trusting their newsrooms to the electronic proofreaders. Because poor guy that has spelling horrors. Sounds and letters should correspond; joins a phonological tradition of the language: to one sound, one letter. Prudent Bello made his proposal to the cultured community; the energetic Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811-1888), led to action reformed spelling in Chile in 1844 and won important victories in this field in other countries of the world. With the experiences of these two educators of America, Rodolfo Lenz (1863-1 Victor Manuel Nino Rangel, language comun05-07-2009Revisado06-09-2009 Bologna (Italy Blogs related the language in babies )) I going MOM! Day international disorders specific for the language editing Editing Digital for Dummies Blog Archive Los PROMPERU successfully held the second Thursday of the exporter in ‘Spanish Doctors’: Journal of English for doctors Lab John Dalton and color blindness The second South American country in competitive language laboratory is Chile / I think the political language of the Koran Abdennur Prado Stadium of the plateau more than 40 years later (the plain Stadium the second posthumous number 1 of Janis Joplin