Jacques Schumacher Appointed As The Managing Director Of Ikano Bank GmbH

Jacques Schumacher was appointed March 15, 2011, to the Managing Director of Ikano Bank GmbH. Wiesbaden, June 01, 2011 – Jacques Schumacher was appointed to March 15, 2011, to the Managing Director of Ikano Bank GmbH. He succeeds Claus Heide. With Jacques Schumacher a successor was appointed Bank Managing Director of Ikano, which has many years of experience in retail banking, with a clear focus on the consumer credit business. The 50th degree of merchant, who graduated from the RWTH Aachen University, worked many years in the B2C area of international financial institutions before 2008 joining Bank as head of marketing & sales of Ikano. Previously, Jacques Schumacher worked as Marketing Manager for Citibank retail AG and later as international business manager for the Santander consumer Bank AG, formerly CC-Bank. With priority Jacques Schumacher will concentrate on the target, to establish the Ikano Bank GmbH as a major player in the consumer credit business in Germany.

The clear focus will be on the Are sales financing. About IKANO: Ikano Bank GmbH is part of Swedish Ikano group, which was founded in 1988 and is located imBesitz the Kamprad family. Ingvar Kamprad is known throughout the world as the founder of IKEA. As an internationally active group with about 4,000 employees is active the Ikano group in the areas of financial services, real estate, insurance, asset management and retail. The philosophy of the company is to develop long-term solutions to fair conditions of partnership and to create added value for customers, partners and employees. The headquarters of Ikano Group located in Luxembourg, the Ikano Bank GmbH in Germany is located in Wiesbaden. There, she serves more than 1.1 million customers. Visit for more information. Press contact: Christina Winkler Otto-von-Guericke-ring 15 65205 Wiesbaden phone 06122 999-734-E-Mail