Jose Pain

and power to work in other places, but what it escapes in them many times are the factors that moored these relations, possibly a son or an friend or wife left for brings. It is what we will see more ahead, for the moment we are with the profit slaves. The case of the told Letter previously was not isolated fact. During the space of time of our research this practical appears regularly. Beyond the slave already mentioned Jose Pain, who bought its freedom in 1846, we find for the following year the slave of Felcia name, (mentioned previously) that it was party to inheritante of owner Francisca Igncia de Jesus who received from the hand of the slave the amount of eight doblos as he consists in current currency. 15 However notices it concern Mr. for the document that was passing, in the persistence of the commitment Mr. and in the representation of its image.

so that its heirs, and nor its executors revoked the Letter and possibly did not spot its image before society conservative, the Letter of Freedom was tacked well. So that in such a way former-Mr. preserved the bows of commitment of the slave with its. Nor my heirs and executors will embarrass themselves with the present Letter of Freedom and for being this of very mine he exempts will without person constaint some, if by chance in this paper lacking to some clause or clauses here ei for specified in general and when to appear some tending paper to this, obliged will be of nor a effect, being this prevailing, …. 16 the reason of this concern is based you in the logic of that the slave being a real estate, and existence of these clauses in the Letter, takes in to believe them that he had you intrigue and familiar quarrels between gentlemen and its dependents, these as future heirs had attended in the act of the expedition of the Letter of Freedom, the embezzlement of its patrimony of right.