LED Lamps For Castle Dracula

LEDON LED retrofit lamps put the magnificent Castle bran in the Romanian Transylvania in scene. The building as a castle in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula became famous worldwide. The story of Bran Castle dates back to the 14th century. Warlike confrontations and sieges dominated the history of the castle in the 19th century. In addition, legends and myths surrounding the cruel ruler of the region spread across Europe. “It is believed that the Irish writer Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula” of stories about Prince Vlad III. Draculea was inspired, which was especially feared because of his atrocities. The most famous vampire in the history of literature arose from his person.

And Bran Castle served as a template for his residence. LEDON lamps for highest lighting quality last Bran Castle as a museum by the Habsburg family reopened. In many of the original rooms, antique furniture and objects are to visit. In addition, the document exhibitions cultural heritage and the history of the Castle. Spaces and objects with high-quality LED retrofit lamps are used in scene by LEDON.

The Austrian brand supplier is since August 2013 official lighting partner, from Bran Castle. In the numerous chandeliers, including LED candles perform their service with transparent glass. You help disseminate the nostalgic splendour of earlier days. In addition to the immense energy savings of about 85 percent from comparable incandescent lamps and with 25,000 operating hours very long life of the new bulb, still another aspect played a crucial role for the cooperation of Bran Castle with LEDON. In particular the light quality of the LED lamps has convinced us”, explains Alexandru Priscu, Marketing Director of Bran Castle. We have previously tried to put on energy-efficient lighting in the Castle. Unfortunately, that was always at the expense of a natural colour reproduction. With the new lighting, we finally have an optimum combination of energy efficiency and standardized lighting of our exhibits found”as Priscu. Win a trip to the Castle Dracula round to the facilities of Bran Castle with LED lamps, LEDON is giving away a trip for two persons to Transylvania. There is an evening event of a special kind in the legendary Dracula Castle waiting for the winner. The contest, which runs until October 30, 2013 is embedded, in a campaign under the motto, even vampires love our light”. While the special relationship between the unholy creatures of the night and the light of LEDON is illuminated in a humorous way”. Participation in the competition is possible under. There you will find further information about the travel and the campaign spot. More information: LEDON lamp GmbH Millennium Park 6 A-6890 Lustenau Erik Nielsen PR Manager Tel. + 43-5577 21550 – 327 fax + 43 5577 21550 – 999 E-mail: