In a perspective to interdisciplinar, that is, that one that if apia in an interchange in which one or more laws taken by one disciplines can be used to explain phenomena of another one disciplines by means of some redefinition, some accumulation of knowledge and, mainly, by means of the possible connections with others you discipline, we argue, in this work, the literary text as a mosaic of other texts, some next ones, some most distant ones. We point as the reading citizen can be capable to recognize the traces and vestiges considered here as nuances interdisciplinares, from which this interchange can happen, a time that a text estimates one another text, a subject estimates another subject and an analysis, another analysis. Objectifying this study, it is necessary to argue as the literary text can be worked in classroom from the perspective to run away from the traditional techniques of that education of Literature centered in the semiologia and the sistmica analysis, that is, that one of if at the time inscribing the literary text of its production and its main judgments and characteristics that had interested this time. For a reason or purpose questioning of the pertaining to school resume broken up by you discipline, we create a dialogue between the reading citizen and the texts from its proper daily one, understanding this daily since the world contemporary until the lived individual impasses in the outskirts of each text. According to Lajolo (1994, P. 32), ' ' literature constitutes privileged modality of reading where the freedom and the pleasure are virtually ilimitados' '. She is necessary to also remember that Literature is a science in transit with other sciences and that the pleasure, the motivation of the learning can inhabit exactly in this passage of science for science, of disciplines for disciplines, that is, in the interdisciplinaridade. According to author: ' ' Perhaps if she has not reflected still sufficiently on some traces that modern pedagogias and certain models of renewed school had printed to the education, mainly in the education of literature. .