Literature Context

Frivolous Repleto of me, I am enough and still sobro. Therefore necessary of you, but I do not want you very, Also I do not want me very I only want that also want you me. Later that the clarity to light enters the frames of the window, does not need to want more me, Passed of the age to suffer for love, I learned with the time to extract Of the feelings it satisfies what me, Thus only makes the bee with the flower. I only want it also wants that me, the heart is so vast, I I am so frivolous the feelings do not have directions. He does not find odd if I not to feel jealousy and not to speak of love, Am that this is for the majestical white swans, I am that these feelings are whims, For equal people I and you, who only survive Start of me what it desires, but does not need haste, Still it remains me inside of the chest a heart friend, and stocking bottle of wine in the bookshelf; later you he can cry old