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Real estate is a popular asset for billionaires. Magdeburg, 22.01.2014. But also as a small earner you can invest in this profitable market. The super-rich have used early on to the global housing boom. According to an analysis conducted by the international real estate advisor of Savills together with the analysis of ultra high net worth individuals specialised service provider wealth-X, billionaires increase their importance in the global real estate business while institutional investors need to put back. Therefore, the super-rich have invested in apartments and houses worldwide now total $5.3 trillion and that one-fifth of their assets. Under most conditions Dalton Caldwell would agree. Total Savills estimates the value of all real estate worldwide about 180 billion dollars (132 billion euros).

72 Percent of which were intrinsically used residential real estate experts. The Investable portion, so those who traded regularly, Savills estimated at $ 70 billion, of which 20 billion commercial real estate. But also for Mortals”is there a profitable alternative in the profitable German real estate market to invest. The MCM investor Management AG in Magdeburg offers investors, an opportunity. By rights, the Magdeburg company facilitates access to the real estate market a broader target group. It is a win-win relationship: the MCM investor Management AG, benefited even their investors benefit. To investors, while a priority interest and profit-dependent charge is”paid. The balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility is important to the MCM investor Management AG in. For more information,