Another great advantage of Marketing by electronic mail is that it is an extremely economic Marketing. This is significant because there are many other types of Marketing, even in Internet, that are much more expensive that Marketing by electronic mail. The costs associated with this type of Marketing is minimum. With luck, you already will have a list of mail adressees who will be interested in their products and services, consequently is no cost associated with obtaining a list of directions. Additionally, the cost to send the electronic mails is minimum, and can be considered part of its regular costs of operation. All these factors already do of Marketing by electronic mail something of an extremely accessible cost. Of course, Mendoza emphasizes an excellent aspect that we shared, as is that the most evident disadvantage of Marketing by electronic mail is the possibility that they create Spam.

This it is a very important problem, because it could be quite expensive as for the margin of benefits for his business. Every day is bombed to the users of Internet with not asked for electronic mails, in the form of announcements. This problem has reached gigantic proportions, and the abundance of Spam that infiltrates with the electronic mail involves all the innocent users of Internet, whom they must be cautious and to suspect any electronic mail that they receive and has not been asked for, although appears in particular promoting a product, or a service. It does not forget before the relevance of this tool, to take into account the suggestion that is indicated, that to obtain results, we will have to include in the note the form to contact with us or to extend information. A direction of mail-and or a URL (page direction Web). Giving a mail-and direction has the advantage of which, if they answer, we secured the direction of mail-and of the interested one. From there, we can send to them to more information on the product or service del that wanted to inquire original Author and source into the article.