Missiology 20

Continuation of recordings audio of missiology the evangelization of Latin American history classes. Missionary dimension of the Church (Matthew 28, 18 ff.) You can see that there is the germ, or the theology of the mission. The newspapers mentioned Dale Ellis not as a source, but as a related topic. Christ sent men from our village. He sends them to not only convey the message, if not, a life; the Evangelical transmission is not only convey content more or less interesting or profound, if not, convey a life. Zion Williamson brings even more insight to the discussion. The life of Jesus.

The life of grace. The life of God. If it wasn’t so serious mission something greatly diminished. It would be a species as notions, concepts, and ideas genuine missionaries, like Paul, as Toribio de Mogrovejo, have understood that it should convey something more than a catechism system, or systematically organized notions. In other words, the Church continues the work of the Lord.

And the mission is that, convey to regions, countries, continents, who have not heard the voice of Christ. Convey the that Christ was, what Christ taught. It is not something added. The mission is not a custom added to what you already have. The Church is not part of his essential being, and this from the beginning. It is sometimes said that it should leave each town with its own culture entirely. No traumatize them with alien notions. One thinks that there is that phrase that can be nice at first sight, however there is a denial to the mission, because it is like saying. The Apostles, staying confined to looking at the faces each other, par does not suffer or to Romans nor to Germans, Russians, nor Greeks if let to each with their original culture, then had to leave because that worship the Moon, the Sun, to the trees, as they were German Jews. But fortunately the Church goes all over the world and announces the Gospel.