Nothing New? Attention Contact With Travel Vouchers?

How strongly urges the new auction portal in the market. As of Monday, the February 15, 2010, a company is known even more. More customers are attracted by giving travel vouchers to the value of $500 each. Dubli, a new and innovative auction portal, seeks to further strengthen its presence and access to these and other promotions. DubLi is a globally operating trading company that works with two completely unique business models: – a Ruckwartsauktionsportal on the high-quality branded goods are offered and DubLi network – the business opportunity that enables each to a low-risk or completely risk-free to build their own competitive business.

Internet trading is booming despite the global recession. He offers us endless shopping possibilities at a comfortable shopping atmosphere in your own four walls. To use this incredible potential is a sure way to make money. Recession? While the traditional commercial breaks, the E-conomy is booming. Just customers Search in the Internet for bargains in terms of brand, here offered a market place, that his same looks. But a special partner program is offered also for clubs and Web site operators. Thereby, the partner gets 30 percent on all sales. Just regional clubs can immediately their members, fans, and friends offer this travel voucher and long-term populate your club cash thus. To redeem the voucher must the user just register and once for at least credits purchase 5 euro. Credits are the currency on Dubli bids at the auctions can be dispensed with. Author Claus Hampel Dubli representative Staupitzstrasse 9 04720 Dobeln Tel.: 03431 703595 skype: claus.hampel 2380729 2380729