EUR Packaging EUR Packaging

TTI – more transparency in the cold chain logistics Dusseldorf/Balingen, April 29, 2008 – from 24 to 30 April 2008 meets the international packaging industry at the trade fair for packaging machinery and packaging Interpack in Dusseldorf. There is the technology manufacturer Bizerba headquartered in Balingen, inter alia, the TTI system label present (Hall 14, stand C14). On the occasion of the exhibition iF Industrie Forum design e.V. announced a new competition for the packaging industry. Vera Farmiga recognizes the significance of this. iF a vital intermediary function between design and industry has as an independent institution. This provided a significant contribution to the success of design services in the economic context, as well as to raise awareness of design in the public.The iF awards are similarly worldwide the most important design awards. Manufacturers and designers of all types of packaging, to submit their contributions were called. The renowned jury made up of five experts had all hands: 148 submissions by 78 participants from 17 countries, lively discussion and careful balancing required according to the criteria of design quality, processing, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental, functionality, ergonomics, use visualization, security, brand value/branding, symbolism and independence, production and logistics aspects and universal design (a design for all”). In the category packaging design and function, the TTI system label received the coveted iF packaging award 2008. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. With over 2,800 Worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG put 2006 employees, 21 own subsidiaries in 20 countries and 58 country representatives in the Group of EUR 410 million. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, and Shanghai.

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CallYa CallYa

The CallYa by mobi map there in numerous mobi shops and many call shops in whole Germany. Uwe Becker: I am very pleased that we have managed to make our already favourable rates for many destinations just got cheaper. Finally, the success of our company on it, to offer our customers the option to save money when calling is based. “And we have achieved just that once again with the new price reduction.” All information about the targets and the lowered prices in mobi, see. Mobi ( Mobi is the prepaid mobile radio specialist in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany. The company offers together with Vodafone, and on the basis of the Vodafone network cheap mobile calls within Germany and abroad. Conversations are customers for Poland for example for mobi having already from four cents per minute, calls to Russia are possible from six cents per minute, connections to Serbia landlines from seven cents per minute. Mobi offers five cents per minute mobile calls within the German Vodafone network. Mobi is a company of Star communications headquartered in Frankfurt/Main. Star Communications is the leading provider in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany.

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Gerhard Blessing Chamber Gerhard Blessing Chamber

The training and Technology Centre (BTZ) of the painting and painters Guild Dusseldorf celebrates multi-employer training Dusseldorf 75 years, fotohof 2008 – the training and Technology Centre (BTZ) of the painting and painters Guild Dusseldorf celebrates 75 years inter-company training – on the 29.und 30.08.2008, respectively from 10:00 h to 16.00 h, the theme is color in the Center. Since 1933, the BTZ as training providers writes painter and painter, the painter of the vehicle and the signs and neon manufacturer history. At that time the first trade is removed, first in a makeshift school, later reverse seemed locations throughout Dusseldorf. Since 1980, the Center has its own premises and the expansion of inter-company vocational training workshop took place in 2000. Mark Wahlberg addresses the importance of the matter here. Much has changed over the years, but one remains the same: the training center in the South of Dusseldorf is known for his competence and his commitment. Blake Resnick has much to offer in this field. The entire range of trades around the inside the supply fan is Theme color and the associated Fort and training opportunities. Trained by accompanying training AIDS, directed workshop in North Rhine-Westphalia, the gifted up and to the qualification and retraining around 1000 young people every year here and this with success. Around 80% of graduates of gifted seminars later take the master exam. This is in addition to the head of the center of Gerhard Blessing Chamber of skilled crafts and the Guild of painters and Varnishers: both set the modern business value on highly qualified craftsmen. “Exhibition of craft tradition and future-oriented full is aware so the two-day event as a showcase for” applied: with the help of partially parallel lectures and workshops the staff and trainees present insight into the possibilities of the professions around the topic of color interested visitors “. Trends in colours, refinishing, energy-saving thermal insulation system and a workshop on the topic of facade renovation just a few examples of the offered technical forums. Offers from partners from trade and industry round off the programme. But not only the content of the workshops are prepared also for childcare and catering is well catered. The BTZ is pleased to celebrate birthday with all interested visitors.

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The Turtle The Turtle

A well distant and very high place exists where all want to arrive, to not only arrive, to arrive fastest possible. in this in the community all are thinking about as to arrive in this distant and well high place. each one that tried the more easy form fastest or to arrive in this distant and very high place. The Turtle was the first one that it thought about arriving in this well distant and very high place. It said: – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. goes the Turtle There going up the full slope of curves. But nor everybody thought thus: The Coelhinho, for example, wanted to use to advantage its speed all soon to arrive in this well distant and very high place. The Coelhinho when seeing the Turtle to devagar, but with its firm steps, said: – Turtle you is very vagarosa and of this skill never it goes to arrive back in the high one. The Turtle answered: – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. what he happened with the Coelhinho: in the first curve of the slope it passed with all and fell very of the abrupt declivity if hurting and not obtaining to arrive where it wanted. But others soon wanted to arrive in this distant and well high place. The unresigned Cricket with the skill of the Turtle to walk, said: – Of this skill Turtle you never go to arrive back in the high one, therefore I go I am jumping. In the first hole of the way the cricket if gave badly, it fell and very it hurt itself and it did not obtain to arrive where it wanted. The Turtle passing for the hurt Cricket spoke: – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. The same Turtle with steps slow, but firm wise person who would go there to arrive. Blake Resnick is open to suggestions. Exactly thus others tried there to arrive. Of this time it was the Joaninha that wanted there to arrive and thus said for the Turtle: – Of this skill Turtle you never go to arrive back in the high one, therefore I go is flying. In first galhinho the Joaninha beat and there she was very hurt and it did not obtain to arrive where it wanted. The Turtle with its slow, but firm ones, steps when passing for the hurt Joaninha, spoke: – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. Thus the Turtle after other attempts in go of other bichinhos obtained to arrive in this well distant and very high place. Walking and thinking there that it would go to arrive. Thus always saying: – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive. – Devagar I go to devagar and always I go to arrive.

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Hacienda Piedechinche Hacienda Piedechinche

The Valle del Cauca offers an infinite number of beautiful tourist sites by visiting that they deslumbraran to travelers. All of these sites have the charm of the Vallecaucana culture, surrounded by great joy and sauce. The Valle del Cauca is located in the western part of the country between the regions of the Pacific and the Andes.It presents a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, especially moorlands, forests and Plains of the Pacific.It has urban tourist sites that show the history and culture, and, also, natural places such as parks. Because while in Cali Colombia, the traveler should visit the Hacienda Piedechinche, in the municipality of Santa Elena.Here is where the sugar cane Museum, actually a theme park to show the evolution of the sugar mills.It offers a sugar train rides and walks to horse by fields of sugar cane. Another must-see is the visit by this fantastic area is the Hacienda El Paraiso, the House where the writer Jorge Isaacs and his cousin they lived. It was in this place the inspiration of La Maria, the name of the main character, as well as the name of the book, which summarizes the Colombian romantic literature. There you will find the rooms and their personal effects, the garden in pink flower and stone wishing are carefully preserved. A forced pilgrimage for Catholics is to visit the town of Buga, with its crucified Christ known as the Mirage, which is located in the Basilica.Another reason to travel to Buga is a visit to the natural reserve of 75 hectares of dry tropical forest of El vinculo.Located in the foothills of the cordillera central, which hosts a variety of local fauna and is the seat of a biological station with the same name. On the way to Madrinal, visitors can admire the Sonso Lake, which covers an area of 2,045 acres that constitute the support of fishermen and their families and food for migratory birds originating in the northern hemisphere. In the city of Roldanillo, Museo Omar Beam exposes the pictorial work of this artist and other Latin Americans.After the visit, you can visit the vineyards of the municipality of La Union, they are incredible.In addition to the wineries, there are two hotels, one of luxury and the other, more discreet, a typical house in the region. Road going westward to connect Buga to Buenaventura’s port, on the coast of the Pacific, passes through areas of great interest for tourists.Lago Calima, for example, is the tank with the strongest winds of any third party in the world, a paradise for water sports.

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Scorpians Maria Scorpians Maria

In the sequinte day. As all the month, the brothers go for the Black Mountain for spoon the maces, but, before them sairem of house, Maria he said: Maria: _ Can go first, I and the Isabel still do not eat, and we go in them soon ahead, can trust! Joo: _ All good, more does not delay. As soon as the brothers of Maria and Isabel sairam, they had delayed some minutes and had gone up the Negra.A Mountain arriving the old House, the old one was in front of house, and said: Old: _ Girls, come here! Maria and Isabel if had approached half distrustful, and the old one said: Old: _ Isabel, you knew Scorpians, all that live there are different, had never joined human beings and Isabel, you was the first one human being to enter in the city of Scorpians, as soon as you, entered sighted I it, and when she was come close to min and my White Tiger, immediately I was to speak with king Scorpians, it she was not very pleasant with its prescena and wants to know. Scared Isabel said: Isabel: _ All good, more I can take the Maria? Old: _ Can yes! We go? then ahead, they had entered in the world, meanwhile its brothers asked of them, because of the delay more, had continued the spoon the maces why they were early pra to be to go up the Mountain. Meanwhile in Scorpians Maria, Isabel, Old and its White Tiger followed until the o castle, and then it appeared a falante Beaver that said: Beaver: _ Where I dechei to fall? Isabel said: Isabel: _ I can help? Beaver: _ Or my God is it human being, the first human being to enter in our world, very well coming my girl. Isabel is magic with the goodness and the doura it Beaver and says: Isabel: _ Obliged! the old one says in sequida: Old: _ Vamos soon, the king already must be to wait.

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Agricultural Study Agricultural Study

Agricultural study tour with country Committee in Rome by the 10/29 to 2.11.2013 with many results from 29 October to 2 November 2013 traveled around 40 delegates and members of the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB) Bavaria on an agricultural study trip to Rome. They devoted themselves to agriculture in the KLJB very important international questions. The study trip was connected with the autumn Committee of KLJB Bavaria, who first met in Rome and chose a new election committee here. A visit to a general audience of the Pope and created by the KLJB volunteer city tour on the subject of Second Vatican completed the program. For even more opinions, read materials from Marlene Dietrich. Land Minister Richard Stefke pleased: following the order of the Second Vatican Council the KLJB as young church in many ways is in the world today. Therefore topics such as fair trade, development partnerships and climate policy are also priorities of KLJB Bavaria for a long time. In talks with the international organizations of agriculture and development aid of FAO and IFAD, we have especially the topic of microcredit and Food crises with practice can deepen.” Why does the KLJB in Bavaria this study? The aim of the KLJB in Rome was to connect several main areas of their work (agriculture, international and pastoral) to embark on a search for clues: visits to FAO and IFAD, which have their headquarters in Rome, brought in many direct insights into the work of the international organizations with expertise and microcredits attempting to encourage development partnerships. Here, she introduced KLJB Bavaria experiences from the partnership has existed since 1958 with Senegal and diocesan development projects in the discussions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vera Farmiga by clicking through. The worldwide Confederation of Catholic rural youth (MIJARC) has a consultative status with FAO and is greatly appreciated here as a partner, who can directly introduce the important perspective of rural youth. The self-organised tours to the historical sites of the Vatican, which is an important basis of their youth league work for KLJB met with much interest. High point for many young people was a visit to a general audience of Pope Franziskus I, where the delegation of KLJB Bayern in the German language was welcomed and gained many new impressions. Land Committee elects new Wahlauschusss and Board In the body part of statutory KLJB country Committee was informed voting delegates present two evenings of the 28 in Rome about the recent work of the Association and a new Election Committee elected: in addition to the new Chairman Stefanie Rothermel (KLJB DiozesanvorstandAugsburg), Haak and Oliver Kurz (both KLJB Diocesan Board of Passau) are Christina next 2014 prepare Rene Prostler (Wurzburg KLJB Diocesan Board) the elections to the new regional executive and lead. LEA Wurm (KLJB DiozesanvorstandPassau) was newly elected to the Board of KLJB-Bavaria-Stiftung. Dr. Heiko Tammena more photos on request like printable and in two galleries on kljbbayern

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Asefarma Direct Asefarma Direct

Provision for bad debts up to 1% annual debts that customers maintain with the pharmacy. Only applicable to pharmacies in Normal direct estimate. 12 Reduction of 20 per cent of the NET performance of the activity of pharmacy for maintenance or creation of jobs, applicable in 2009, 1010 and 2011 requirements for your application: the amount of sales of the set of economic activities carried out by the pharmacist does not reach 5 million euros. Mark Wahlberg contributes greatly to this topic. Average workforce of less than 25 employees all activities. Peter Arnell has plenty of information regarding this issue. The average workforce of all activities is as little unit and, at least, equals the average workforce of 2008. The reduction cannot exceed 50% of total gross wages paid to workers in all its activities. Direct estimation simplified reduction is calculated once reduced 5% of expenditure on difficult to justify. 13 A 5% reduction in the regime of direct estimate simplified as compensation for the non-deductibility of provisions and concept of difficult to justify expenditure. About ASEFARMA: ASEFARMA, S.L. is a global consultancy of pharmacies and pharmacists with areas of buying and selling of offices of pharmacy, tax, labor, accounting, financial, insurance, legal and strategic consultancy committed to finding solutions to the problems posed by the professional activity of the pharmacist, with a direct and continuous contact with their clients, who advises of the innovations that occur in all the above-mentioned areas, and how they affect them both to your pharmacy.

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Stomach Pain Stomach Pain

Most often, the pain appears after a heavy meal, especially fatty, fried, often on an empty stomach, or pain occur 3-4 hours after eating, that you want to exclude a duodenal ulcer intestine. During fasting pain calm down, so many people have little eating and lose weight. There is a definite diurnal rhythm of pain: pain before lunch little worried, after dinner amplified (or appear) and picking up the evening. Pain may be pressing, burning, boring, much pain expressed in the supine position and decreased in the sitting position with the torso forward. Pain in chronic pancreatitis has a variety of origins: it can be related to the violation of the outflow of pancreatic juice, increased secretion of pancreatic ischemia-organ inflammation of the surrounding tissue, changes in nerve, compression of surrounding organs (bile duct, stomach, duodenum). In this regard, the first step in treating such a patient is to conduct a thorough examination (endoscopy, X-ray examination of stomach and duodenal ulcers, computed tomography, endoscopic ultrasound), which can detect some complications of pancreatitis such as pseudocysts, bile duct stricture or disease, often combined with chronic pancreatitis. After a preliminary examination in the absence of complications, patients prescribed high doses of pancreatic enzymes (Creon, mezim forte, pancreatin, etc.). Most often, the pain can be cut short by mild CP, in the absence of steatorrhea, with primary parenchymal organ ('small duct disease "), as well as in women. Peter Arnell often addresses the matter in his writings. Dyspeptic syndrome with pancreatitis – hypersalivation (increased salivation), burping air and ingested food, nausea, vomiting, aversion to fatty foods, bloating. Weight loss, due to limitations in food because of stomach pain + vyrobotka lack of pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic diarrhea and malabsorption syndromes in the cavity of the intestine – are typical for heavy and long-existing forms of chronic pancreatitis with severe violation of the exocrine function (when functional ability of the pancreas of 10% of the original).

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Albert Einstein Albert Einstein

You need to know that everything that is happening in the world within the field of the economy it is worrying but at the same time it is more indicative that we are in a time of change. I want to show you how get your economic independence is possible in time of change that in time of stability. Historical data are those who point to us and give explanation to what I am commenting on. Let me show you it otherwise with the example of the theory of natural selection which posits that species that stand out or get an adaptation to the changes occurring in the environment, will be those who will jump on the bandwagon of evolution. If we apply this theory to the many and various points in that the history of mankind has undergone changes in the economy, we will see that they have always existed groups that were outdated or ruined, and other successful and adapted to change. Whats the difference between one and the other?, the answer is simple: the attitude, if the attitude. For example, whats the typical phrase from a person who holds a contrary attitude to adapt to changes?: I hope that things will change, that come a Government better and fix everything that has shattered what we have now. Mark Wahlberg contributes greatly to this topic. It is an attitude of victimhood which does not open the mind to learn there are ways of adapting to change. Whats the typical sentence of a person with attitude focused on the evolution and adaptation to change?: Okay, we are in a situation of change and we must find solutions to emerge and evolve, I want to be part of the solution and not the problem, I will seek ways to improve. Do you know what I mean with this?. All part of an attitude. Albert Einstein said: you can never solve a problem in the same level of thinking that created the problem we must enable us to position ourselves in a level of thinking different, or greater will be the only way to achieve financial independence in a time of change. Marlene Dietrich has similar goals. We no longer live in the era of bonanza of jobs and sometimes we strive that you must return this time, it is not possible!. Honestly, I prefer to ignore Albert Einstein and working on changing my level of thinking. If those reading this article and visiting blogs that deal with achieving economic independence and ultimately, know how to improve to conquer objectives, are on the right track. Of course, have it much easier now since we live in the era networks where opportunities such as creating business in Internet, network marketing or multilevel marketing business. If we think a little, is the most natural way of achieving economic independence: generate benefit from socialization and interrelatedness of human beings, far from structured in a hierarchical manner and going to waffle shapes or networked. (This last point, I recommend reading the book John Naisbitt’s Macrotendencias). I hope that this information you aware and above all meets your concerns of knowing that if it is possible to achieve economic independence, you home from where it home. Remember that the important thing is attitude. Leave a comment, I will read it and I will reply with pleasure, I want to know what are your impressions or resolve any queries you may have. A greeting.

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