Permanent Hair Removal With EPI Lux In The Body & Beauty Lounge Karlsruhe

Latest IPL technology provides for smooth skin in virtually all skin and hair types with the Epilux system of the renowned manufacturer Danycare unwanted hair on any region of the body can be removed permanently. Plucking, shaving and epilation a thing of the past, and also the laser has had its day. Who now will decide the permanent hair removal in the body & beauty lounge, can get rid time unwanted body hair until the beginning of the outdoor season. Especially women, but also more and more men are disturbed by annoying hair all over his body. Shaving often causes skin irritation and the result not long before.

Epilation and plucking hurts and treatments with laser technology are relatively expensive. The best alternative is the permanent hair removal with IPL (Intensed pulsed light). The efficacy and safety of this method has been demonstrated in numerous studies in University and specialist clinics. The EPI Lux system has several programmes, with which almost all hair and skin types treat. The greater the contrast between hair and skin color, the end result is better, because dark hair absorb more light than the skin, by which they are surrounded. Visible light is converted into heat by the so called Photothermolysis. At a wavelength of 750nm to 900nm, disintegrate the proteins in the treated cells and become unusable. The hair can no longer be supplied with nutrients and no longer grow the skin remains smooth.

At the beginning of treatment point to depilatory is shaved first, then a light guiding money is applied to ensure an optimal light transmission. Now, the treatment head of the Office is run. The glass Prism emits high-energy light pulses, which are recorded and sent to the roots of the hair from the hairline. There occurs the said Photothermolysis, the light is converted into heat and depopulation. Human hair grows in cycles. The IPL treatment affects only the hair, the are in the growth phase, the so-called Anagen phase, are. Because not all hair at the same time are located in the same growth phase, multiple treatments requires 4 to 8, depending on the hair and skin, as well as to the enthaarender region of the body about. The treatment takes place in several individual sessions at a distance of 6 to 10 weeks, that is who starts now can start with smooth, hairless skin in the outdoor – and bathing season. The body & beauty lounge which has lounge body & beauty in June 2010, opened and since then offers beauty treatments and weight loss programs in the Centre of Karlsruhe. The offer in addition to massage and training, as well as programs to remove permanent hair removal with IPL technology or wax also wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. The four-member team of Spa therapists, diploma fitness economists, diploma personal trainers and beauticians will advice and assistance to the page with all questions.