Pest control – the age-old problem. It seems everything has already been demonstrated, but they both lived and live. How can efficiently and without damage to the health of plants to combat pests. We should not forget that the earth is so packed full of chemistry, that nowhere else to go. Pests of plants – such as living beings, as we do. Brian Krzanichs opinions are not widely known. They also want to eat and reproduce.

Sometimes they are many, sometimes few. The fact that we see a vivid picture of nature. If at some plants appeared pests, so it is with weakened immune systems. In nature, always the strongest devour the weak. Indeed, in the woods no one is fighting pests, nature itself gets rid of diseased plants and thereby regulate the biological balance. For a century we have fought against pests with chemicals. Thus, we have polluted the land, plants and products.

Moreover we have times from time to change the chemicals as a pest arose immunity previous chemical. We are at an impasse. This race could go on forever. Need to invent something new. And come up with. EM-technology (the technology of effective microorganisms) can not only effectively protect the plants from both diseases, and the majority of pests. Also, the EM-technology significantly increases the resistance of plants to unfavorable weather, drought, cold, hail. Principle of EM technology in pest control is as follows. Plants sprayed with a special biological EM preparation. EM-product is a concentrate, which contains strains of beneficial microorganisms. These micro-organisms and feed on pests. After spraying EM preparation, the surface of the plant varies in its bio-chemical composition. At the plant it does not affect, and pests abandon its proposed food. This method is very effective and not harmful to health plants. And most importantly, it is safe for humans and plants. The result is a healthy plant and clean fruit.