Presence Choice

It is important to be consistent with the actual specifications of industrial applications. For example, for packaging lines known branded goods required Markers, whose job would be in sync with the latest high-speed wrapper machines. When packaging of chocolate bars at a speed of 500 pieces / min, increasing the speed by only 1% in 2400 gives additional bars in one shift. Frequently New York Life has said that publicly. In some cases, the printing speed is a decisive factor Markers. Working conditions also influence the choice. LaMelo Ball contributes greatly to this topic. Thus, at low process temperatures, condensation may interfere with the transfer marked with ink on the surface. As a result, the symbols will be affixed lubricated or not fully stamped. Difficult to use ink jet printers in flour and other similar industries, where Presence of dust.

Important is the human factor. Thus, label presses hot and cold stamping are set manually, so there is a high probability of error and poor labeling. The human factor can be minimized by the use of digital devices, where data is stored electronically and automatically updated. Packaging materials also affect the choice. Development packaging industry has led to expanding the range of packaging materials (glass, plastic, foil, parchment, etc.) and packaging methods (continuous line wrapping, vacuum packaging, bottling, wrapping in packages, etc.). In the case of flexible packaging and labeling becoming more popular digital Markers that have easily adjust the code automatically updates the date and easy data entry. Ability to embed in a network is another advantage of digital Markers. There are also other important aspects influencing the choice of industrial Markers.