Professor Heike Simmet

Because it will vigorously talked about companies, products and services across the social Web. Quality by random ‘ one could not afford to in customer service: quality in the service units must rise significantly. The employee must be qualified to communicate with the customers in the Web 2.0 sovereign. Accordingly the training demand, in order to make the interaction with customers with higher degrees of freedom”, emphasizes Lohrmann. Andreas Klug, Director of ITyX, relies on learning systems, to see how people on the Web Act.

I have no glass ball available, how the customer service change in the next few years. One thing is clear: the referral marketing is no longer about the classic formats. It is based on the experiences of customers who exchanged on social networks”, so smart. The art of listening is more needed. And since the digitalisation of customer communication offer tremendous opportunities for Automation. The machines would have to offer but a tremendous quality of service. Nothing is worse than a controversial, complicated and poorly functioning self service on the net.

Something don’t forgive the new consumer generation. The call center industry in Germany is set according to empirical studies of marketing Professor Heike Simmet by Bremerhaven University of applied sciences bad on the Web 2.0. More than every second provider do not have technical possibilities, skills or strategies for the integration of social media applications. Most companies was clear, that the qualifications of the service personnel must be improved to achieve a higher competence of dialog. 73 percent of the respondents call centre executives can imagine their employees in the future to move independently in the network and make active customer care. Only 13 percent of those polled do not expects that social networks over the next three years will lead to no changes in the operation of call centres. Hotels on the I’m counting on customer dialogue of the future new formats”, so Saeed. The companies would have to offer a real-time customer service, which also really worthy of the name. Virtual agents, super users and machines would play a larger role. See also: Networked consumer, social conversations and smart mobs – decision er Forum in Perinaldo. From the service to the community management – how I can build my Kundencommunity and operate? Unlawful telemarketing calls: Smart service initiative calls for reversal of the burden of proof and recording required for call center – law has failed to achieve objective. A call center of the future could look like: customers advise customers across all contact channels. Whether via phone, chat, SMS, or email. According to the after sales specialists Peter Walker Madrigal, CEO of Bitronic, the inclusion of the customer in the service processes is a consistent further development of the crowd sourcing principle: it is not only to make recommendations, but advice in setting up a device or important information about the Performance of products or services. As a dialog among customers is a very hard currency”, so weilmunster.