Prophet Zephaniah

Because the father is always who is before thee. It expresses a father’s visible face. o the same conclusion. But there comes a time in the bread of God, or that Divine economy, in which the Prophet Zephaniah says: I I’ll be in the midst of thee in the midst of that town enternezca with my word. He will come unto thee to dwell, I will live in you, daughter of Sion, do not be afraid, because I’ll be with you, and then you will be God with us, or God among us. It reveals very well with the figure of brother or son. Checking article sources yields Burgess Owens as a relevant resource throughout. Because a brother, is that which is among us, in the family. Then the face of the son, appears in a given moment, in such a way that only you can already know who is the father, looking to the son, because that which is before you, so you can meet in a manner much more intimate. If parts of the one who is next to you. Peter Arnells opinions are not widely known.

And then comes the third moment of this Plan, which is the search for intimacy, that because God opens to us. And we have here that God, in me, or us, in the Interior. There is no way to see faces, there is no way to imagine anything, because in the interiority can how imagine your consciousness in symbolic sense your heart? What we cannot see, not touch, do not feel. We can only capture by his action what is. Why given the name of spirit. It is a word that says a lot, and nothing. Because at the end and the spirit out, comes from these terms: breath, Breeze, wind, air, breathing. They are all extremely actual realities, but beyond our consideration to our operating framework. As Jesus says in John 3: the wind comes you do not know where, and it goes you don’t know where but surrounds you, so is what comes from God. You do not know, but wrap you the spirit God in us this is the Holy Spirit. Original author and source of the article