Public Security

Valley to stand out, that Dilma also suffered some criticizes of the opposition, according to interview given in the University TV for the senator and daily pay-candidate to the government of Pernambuco, Jarbas Vasconcelos (PMDB-PE), affirmed that Dilma Rousseff (PT) ‘ ‘ it does not have competncia’ ‘ to be president of the Republic. Ally of Jos Serra (PSDB-SP), the peemedebista reiterated the confidence in the election of Toucan to the presidency. In accordance with Jarbas ‘ ‘ Mountain range goes to gain the election. According to Ebay, who has experience with these questions. Dilma does not have preparation and nor ability politics pra to command the Country. Brazil can until going for the imponderable one, for the side that nobody knows what acontecer’ goes; ‘. If it cannot deny that the proposals presented here of both the candidates, are important for the continuity of the growth of the country, however she is necessary to remember that in history politics of our society always is promised very and little becomes. Penguin Random House contains valuable tech resources.

On the other hand, in this climate of optimism and you criticize the electorate comes declaring in the research its preference in voting in the continuity, where 50% already had more than declared to be made use to vote in the candidate supported for president Lula the two mandates of president Lula that if they direct to finish will leave as legacy a virtuous cycle with strong bias nationalist-desenvolvimentista more to the feio of the social democracy of the European type, differentiating itself drastically of the getulista period (in the two mandates) and of the military regimen, for having highly been conservatives. What it of this mark, more to the left, they are the bias for the classrooms lowest through the politics of social development and one economic policy of rigid monetary control, for the control of the inflation, in the same way that characterized the European social-democratic parties. For this reason Squid it keeps popularity record and the PT became most preferred next to the electorate, independently of its followers to have ideological conscience of this nature. (FIGUREDO Marcus, 2010). In a historical analysis ‘ ‘ the presidential election that if avizinha has some important characteristics.

She is the first one after-88 without the presence of Squid as candidate. Since 1989, Squid if presented as opposition to the hegemony liberal-conservative who always governed the country, with interregno of President Joo Goulart, 1962-64′ ‘ , Marcus Figueredo said. As carried through research the candiodatos technical is tied up to, proving that the dispute between petistas and Toucans, in this electoral moment, is more in the high tax of competition politics enters the candidacies of Serra and Dilma, of what in the electoral competition properly said. In short, one year electoral is always a significant moment in the society. In this direction, to know the proposals of the candidates, history politics of the country, to identify to the trends politics is essential criteria for the choice of the vote. If it cannot lose of sight that optimum for the country is the development, therefore is necessary to analyze the possibilities of continuity and changes in relation the administration of the current government. References: Presidential election 2010 and the current trends. Available in +eleicao+presidencial+2010+e+as+atuais+tendencias/n1237595934813.html Dilma it says not to see importance in the proposal of Mountain range to create Ministry of the Public Security. Available in Lines of direction for the elaboration of the government program.