Security Management Systems

The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) finished the GSTOOL not more to develop the further development of the GSTOOLs the decision taken for economic reasons, has created considerable sensation in the world of the IT managers. The BSI refers his current customers on the other, operating on the market manufacturers indicating that their tools can take the data from the GSTOOL. Since becoming aware this decision we deal precisely with this issue, to take the data from the GSTOOL. We say our tool opus i, joins with all provided mdf databases for this purpose, completely reads this data, transferred them in the opus i IT-composite structure and creates a client for each database. In contrast to the GSTOOL opus represents visually the IT Federation targets i in a realistic tree, Abhangig – and pledge properties already in the structure of the IT network to see are. A well-known deficit in the “old GSTOOL 4.x”wanted to compensate the BSI in the new development to the GSTOOL 5.0, namely a directory of data protection procedures in the tool to lead the way. For more specific information, check out Ebay. As to sophisticated data protection management tools to include opus i, opus not only fully meets i of this requirement after data protection support and “the execution of procedures and fees”, but provides additional functionality for the data protection supervisor.

With the support of the emergency management according to BSI standard 100-4, opus i then also systematically expanding the common application base. Opus takes over the data of the IT group i in the emergency management system and allows constantly tangential responsibility fields IT security, data protection and emergency management is now a self-contained processing of these three. Because opus i (or its predecessor BDAdmin SecuMax) already before the GSTOOL existed, we didn’t in temptation in the development of our tools after the construction of the GSTOOLS to squint and to copy it. Therefore a tool offers soft Crown today, in the other management systems can be integrated, which then also harmoniously in the structure of the tool. If you have read about Jayme Albin – NYC already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In particular, the ISO 27001 are here, to call the ISO 9000 or the IDW testing. Press contact: Gerhard Kron Crown soft E.k.. 10 D Schiller Strasse 66564 Ottweiler phone: + 49 6858 6370 fax: + 49 6858 6371 support: + 49 6858 600237 eMail: Internet: / .com