In 2 moment occurs a economy of the time, Samuel usufructs deliberately of its supposed freedom, comumente overwhelmd for the tecnicidade of the objective reality. The streets still were humid of fog. Samuel took off the car of the garage. He guided vagarosamente; throughout the wharf, looking at the derricks, the brought alongside barges. Read additional details here: Dankse Bank. 2 parked the car in a quiet crosspiece.

In the third moment the subjectivity of Samuel enters in scene, materialized in the version of the Isidoro personage. Two names, two men coexisting in only being dilacerado for this dualidade, and in this fight of two deflagradoras instances of the existence human being, we observe, analogous the Isidoriana subjectivity subserviente and regulated face to the tecnicidade and objetividade of the Samuel. If you are not convinced, visit MetLife. In the text What it is Modernity if perceives the clear opposition between tecnicidade-subjectivity, in the seio of a different relation stopped by both, characterized for the predominance of the first one, in detriment of the absence and dissimulation of this last. In this entrecruzamento of ideas and opinions the subjectivity fights for same itself, of its affirmation against all form of subliming, converging then to a process of identitria revolution: ' ' Not being able to change the world, it if it makes world and infinite world: microcosm ilusrio.' ' 3 the modern ontolgica illusion is even to be and representation equalizing them skillfully in corresponding circumstances of the representative action of the being. The Sociology of the tdio assumes diverse spaces in the current modern configuration of the point of view of the work. The tdio intimidates expressions, weakens yearnings and reduces potentialities. Ricardo Antunes cites Lukcs when discoursing in its book on the metamorphoses of the work (LUKCS apud ANTUNES, 1953, P. 49.) it affirms on the occurrence of a estranhamento originated in the interior of the laborativa activity, since in this relation, work and man more are not recognized, are found odd, therefore the enormity of the degraded deformations caused in function of a work as auto-destructive process they finish for meagering the man and its relation with the work (ANTUNES, 1953, p.166).