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Tag: advertising & pr Assure Flakes: As With Winning Game Protection For The X Mas Cash Ringing

Happy in the new year: EMIRATE AG supplies marketing ideas for Christmas Munich, 26 October 2009 many companies fear their Christmas sales. For customers not so deep access according to forecasts this year in the bag. Therefore, the EMIRATE AG offers promotional activities based on insured. These avoid the financial risk to the one the advertiser and the other customers can improve their Christmas budget. With the secure X-Mas promotions the action for the Organizer becomes calculable and achieved high response from the target groups. The EMIRATE AG specializes in the brainstorming, design, and implementation of sales promotion measures. Here, the provider as a risk-management expert also ensures the protection, as well as the distribution of the selected price. This means in practice: organized a company, for example, a safe game with a prize of 1,000,000 euros and if someone enters the correct combination, so this EMIRATE pays off. The operator benefits from the advertising effect and paid only a calculated in advance small percentage of the insurance sum. Merry Christmas for trade and customers especially in the advent time attract creative promotions the target groups and the interest on money-maker is large, to replenish the Christmas money. The following measures are exemplary of the various marketing tools offers event organisers for the year-end spurt EMIRATE: snow bet is it snowing on December 24, 2008 between 12:00 and at least two inches in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, will receive 13:00 all customers who have shopped in a certain period of the promotion in the business of XY, refund your money 100%. Each customer must present his proof of purchase or a copy as proof in case of insurance. Conclusion: It is actually snowing, customers must demand their money within a certain period of time. Approximately four weeks after the end of the promotion the organizer of EMIRATE AG tells the actually dissolved total and provides for the distribution of risk management specialist.

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Tag: advertising & pr Cisco Sofer GmbH – Simply Excellent!

The image communication of Furth agency as kapo was awarded the ‘Golden Sparks’ for the Telefondienstleister Cisco. Furth, May 19, 2010 oriented specialization, flexibility in the orientation as well as a targeted qualification and promotion of employees are the basis of the success of Cisco Sofer GmbH. The company is a recognized provider of premium services with a unique specialization in insurance, coupled with high professional competence. The brand positioning and image communication of Furth creative agency for integrated communications as kapo at the today’s ceremony of the Golden Sparks “in Berlin in the category best internal communications as one of six finalists received. Thus, the concept of over 1,600 applications for the Golden sparks has become”enforced. The prestigious German Award for business communication celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and is under the patronage of Federal Minister for Economics and technology Rainer Bruderle, the Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit city and Professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of Basel, Prof. Dr. Manfred Bruhn. The Cisco’s sophisticated brand communication aims to promote the motivation of our employees and to increase. First and foremost, a high staff qualification and satisfaction, and thus identification with the company is aimed at doing. Effective internal communication is an important component for the economic success of a modern and innovative company today? For the fiscal year 2009 we had made us the integration and organization of an internal communication platform with control function, clear and direct channels of communication between customer and Cisco, as well as the design of an image brochure for employees and employers for more transparency and orientation. We have successfully completed our opinion this. That we us with our internal communication at the prestigious German Award for business communication of Golden “Spark” could so successfully position in the category of best internal communications, we are extremely honoured “, Joachim Schumm, Managing Director of the communications company Cisco Sofer GmbH.

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Tag: advertising & pr Sustainable Customer Care Reinforces Your Positive Image

The special give-away paper. Give your customers attention that they deserve. Heiningen, may 7, 2010 – Oh, meeting but not always with a mass of papers were connected; and with the unspeakable searching for a pen! You get simple’s future: just take your ComPENion. Because he is everything that you need on writing material for your next meeting! This practical new product is a handy block with Perforated sides and a ballpoint pen in the PEN-box integrated. Designed as a constant companion, is the handy tool in 4 practical formats in writing pad, workbook and writing tool case in one. The highlight here: Companies can make it as individual image and printed with more than just the own logo, even the pen it is modifiable in certain amount desire. An ideal and affordable accessory so that is ideally suited for companies as advertising and image product. As a Swabian company company feels Brown site Germany committed and manufactures all products in Germany. With great attention to detail and hand-crafted. By the way: In addition to the customised version of business there’s the ComPENion in two sizes as small jam gift in the current trend colours offered. Curious? To learn more, see. INFO Brown best paper developed as an independent sales channel from the Brown printing company GmbH out, which was founded in 1967 by Gerhard and Lilli Braun in Milano. From the small printing company, which at the time was housed in a detached house, an innovative service providers with a high-tech machinery and a modern and efficient set in the industrial area of Degginger was within 40 years. The company employs 16 people. 2008, Holger Braun took over the management of the parent company. Holger Braun Braun – best paper.

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