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Classes angels of God: Seraphim. Regency Angel: From 21 to 25 March. It lies in the sphere of Kether and work related issues Hochmah area. Name a Angels: God high and exalted above all things a Essence of Angel: Angel Will a Planet: Uranus a Angeles Horoscope: Aries. Attribute: This seraph is invoked to ask for help when we have to deal with difficult situations. When we need to overcome something that is too complicated or to solve a big problem your help will be essential. Also help us to awaken our minds to the wonders of God. Ideal for meditation of the awakening of the spirit. People born under the influence of this a ngel be very enterprising and will have a powerful help to keep the road or find him. That will lead to getting whatever we want or intend to, but above all to create away from the routine. Another feature is its constant need for renewal, feel need to have a life move but be careful with this essence or digested for while seated in the influenced can give you everything, misfit may carry the risk of losing it or wipe out everything as well. What gives: Have a strong will and Transformer Executing. Be the Nu: 1, the protagonist of a singular feat. Winning at something strange and difficult. Sagacity to discover the deception. Lucidity for himself. To free ourselves from anger and turmoil. For divine illumination. Lesson Program: Using the superabundant energies are counted to help men to glimpse the Way. Overcoming individuality, anger and rage. PSALM FOR invoked to rely on his strength and power, the psalm reads first, then call it by name and finally made a specific request that you make. “With my voice I cried unto God, and he answered me from his holy hill. (Selah). “Message a ngel: LET’S TAKE THE CAMINOa AA . WILL YOUR GENDER CHANGES RUN, transformed GET WHAT YOU WANT IF overcome anger SMO Egoa ENDS AND NOW WITH THE TURBULENCE Inspiration “N DIVINA.

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