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If one person eats an Apple in his sleep, he finds everything that is dear to him in real life. When you see dogs in the dream, the dream interpretation is so designed: see dogs, someone plays with dogs means joy. You will be attacked by dogs – a risk; one by a dog bitten this dream means a dispute over money, fleeing from the dog – a serious disease, hunting – you bring the fruits of hard work, run away – fear, listen to barking – a great nuisance. If you keep a dog on a chain you have enemies, black dog – high treason by friends, and white dog – a pleasant acquaintance; Hunting – waiting for a nice experience. The dog means a good friend, good people of the dog – a good friend, being bitten by a dog betrayed by a friend; wave – talk with a friend, secrets, hostile intentions Petting the dog. Dogs that a weak opponent and barking dogs means dogs gossip there. Friendly dogs mean new acquaintances. Aggressive – armed with the friends. If a dog bites you, the dispute with the insult will if not last long himself forever. It comes with white dog the help of friends to a great success. Very friendly dogs – to a close friend, lover. See his own dogs leads to a cozy household. Fear of the dog points to the illness of loved ones, friends. The dream interpretation of Nostradamus is interesting: the dog – a symbol of devotion. See a homeless dog – this is a warning that the goods acquired and saved are easy to lose. Huge, absolutely white dog – a symbol for the deteriorating situation in the industry and standard of living. Dream interpretation by Vanga: you can see the stray dogs in a dream, this is a bad sign. This dream is a warning that your friend is currently in a very difficult position. It does not apply to you, and not asking for help only, because he does not want to strain with its problems. If you see a totally white dog, then you can always count in real life on the help of a close friend. Elvira Schick

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