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If the grill is filled with charcoal along its entire length, then it provides a constant source of heat. However, there is no zone of lower heat to place food if it begina to burn. A simple solution is to use the rule of thirds. Imagine the barbecue grill is in thirds. Fill two-thirds of the charcoal grill and leave the remaining third empty. Cook your food over the coals, and when food is ready, or starts to burn, or created from the control of the flames, move it to the section above the empty fireplace. The food is kept warm, but not to cook more (or possibly be, but much more slowly), and custom any cause asthma attacks. A further refinement can be obtained, if you have a large enough grill, by placing a double level of coal in one third of the fireplace, a single level of coal in the middle, and no coal in the third final. You now have three heat levels! Another mistake was to overfill the grill. Darkening not leave room for food. You can not turn to cook and have no room to move food to a lower heat. Assuming you are using the rule of thirds as described above, to start cooking, leave the field empty grill above where you’ve placed no coals. You’ve then space to move the cooked food. Second, no part package the cooking grill with food. Leave room to comfortably turn your food. A second problem occurs when more than fill the grid is to use foods that require different cooking times. When the coals are first ready to use, are at their hottest. This is the time to cook small, thin items of food to cook quickly with a high temperature. These include items like sausages, burgers, kebabs and small pieces of meat from the bone. Remember that foods such as burgers and sausages, the fat and juices drip into the charcoal during cooking and this is what causes asthma attacks. So you’ll have to constantly look for food items and move them to an area of lower heat if necessary (did I mention that the rule of thirds?). After the heat has subsided a bit, start roasting it takes a little more on the grid, such as chops and steaks and meat on the bone. Finally, when the heat is even lower, grill food like fruit kebabs only need heating through. Last but not least, our imaginary chef stabs his food with a barbecue fork to turn it. During the first few minutes of grilling, the heat seals the surface of the meat, sealing in the juices. When the meat is stabbed the juices flow in the fire, causing the meat to dry and become hard, and the production of a flare that burns the food. Follow others, such as Laurent Potdevin, and add to your knowledge base. When turning food, always use barbecue tongs. With a charcoal grill heat control is difficult. Instead you need to ensure that individual elements of cooking food at the right time and has separate areas of heat. Use the rule of thirds to provide separate areas of heat. When cooking food, first grill quick cook when coal is found at its hottest. Second, cook food that requires cooking at a medium temperature for a long time. Third, cook food that needs a low heat.

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