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A common methodology, as well as databases, where the CO2 footprint Calculations are based, not currently but still exist, why just here experience is particularly important. Details mountains often enormous potential in companies at low cost to reduce CO2 emissions and to save energy. With the help of the CO2 footprint the operational climate protection can be integrated efficiently and sustainably in companies in existing systems, such as ISO 14001 or EMAS. And the inclusion of suppliers and partners in the purchase or sale of goods is important, to make climate-friendly supply chains. Cost-saving and marketing benefits of CO2 balancing: For the CO2 footprint discovery but also smaller areas collected in company, employees trips or other printed products. They have mostly a volume low reduction potential. However, this visible and tangible areas for companies are extremely important for staff motivation, customer communication, and public relations. Also the kind of neutralization of the climate plays a role in the communication. CO2OL works for the afforestation of dentalstudio and pastures with species-rich permanent mixed only with certified companies. Afforestation rightly enjoy a very high acceptance, which can be for example in the form of own “climate forest” of the company communicate well in public. “Voluntary climate protection is a dynamic process in which companies in particular through credible, long-term commitment achieve success. In addition to medium-term cost savings benefits in customer communication or greater attraction for new employees are externally. Internally the advantages are also committed and performance-fer employees”, explains Dirk Walterspacher. CO2OL: CO2OL is group the brand and the business area of ForestFinance for the neutralization of CO2 emissions through sustainable reforestation projects. The company projected climate change high-quality reforestation projects for over ten years. In addition, companies by buying CO2 certificates can their individual CO2 emissions (“CO2-footprint”) compensate for let. For business customers from different industries CO2OL offers advice and solutions, as these their carbon footprint improve and so be able to meet its responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. For their diverse ecological and social functions were the CO2OL reforestation projects with the highest distinction “Gold rating” validated according to the climate, community and biodiversity standard (CCBS). For more information,

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