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The four top-(secret)-locations for the perfect weekend in Munich away of the Schnoseltums in the Bavarian city of wellness. 1 The receptionists wear slightly different hotel in Munich In the newly opened design hotel cocoon Munich ever pink hair, in the lobby, a forest and a waterfall with surfing experience flows from the wall. Here you can meet business people as well as backpackers and couples because the authentic casual atmosphere combined with the highly professional attitude of the staff is also seemingly insuperable bridges. With a few minutes walk to Marienplatz and Munich main station is hard to beat. The rooms and suites boast stylish retro design. The exclusive cocoon cabins are a special highlight: laptop workstations with high cosiness factor. 2. The slightly different Club in Munich since techno and House in the mainstream find themselves, shoot alleged in clubs at all corners of the Earth as well as in Munich. Who the suit in the evening like hanging at the bar and by massive nod with a glass of champagne does not, is in good hands at Harry Klein Club Munich. Because here the original dirty, which is significant for a techno-club atmosphere. Can everything, nothing must, main thing, true bass. Thanks to the unique space space design, the sound is lung-shredding loud and incredibly moving. The proper name of Philharmonic of the night”is absolutely true in Munich. All information about the Harry Klein Club Munich under harrykleinclub.de. 3. Something other in Munich In the Pardi Restaurant Cafe & bar Munich demanding palate are restaurant from Monday to Sunday. Fascinating light installations, arches and spot wall decorations make for a pleasant atmosphere. Rumor that there is here the best lamb in Munich, and also otherwise, every guest will find on the Turkish Mediterranean menu with security. From stuffed avocado halves to the pike-perch fillet is the kitchen in the Pardi Munich It’s all here. Despite the fine location and unique kitchen arts, no dress code prevails in the Pardi Munich. Whether in a suit or in the harem pants here is served, who is hungry and sociable. Because hospitality is top priority in the Pardi Munich. All the information about the other restaurant in Munich under pardi-restaurant.de. “4. The slightly different shopping in Munich all according to the motto of one man’s garbage is the other man’s gold” night flea market invites Munich to the bargain-hunting at the highest level. In the most diverse scene clubs Munich, the light goes on then already at 15: 00 and rarities – both social-seekers may cozy beer, listen to live bands or DJs and browse the booths along the way. So come too late-riser in Munich in the flea market experience. There are dernachtflohmarkt.de all the information about the night flea market in Munich. All the information about the Hotel Munich at: & Kerstin Waschkut Cocoon hotels Marketing

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