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Portraits. Much of the sphere of constant interest Warhol – Portrait, fame, consumption, pornography, and disaster. In the work of Warhol and the glory of consumer goods, advertising, and sadness are in the system, which is dictated prozopopeey – a system that distorts the person depicted; creates anonymity, even simulating the recognizability of, and does not distinguish between dead and alive. Through involvement in prozopopeyu: in banks Campbell's Soup, sad portraits of just a dead Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy in mourning, horrible pictures of victims of the disaster – Warhol learned to mourn his absence in a recognizable world of public images; Warhol understand how to empower yourself person. Like any commodity, it has had its price. The close connection between portrait likeness and sorrow has not gone unnoticed by contemporaries Warhol, or models. Of course, they aware that the quality of the portraits, like an epitaph, and is the source of their value. They say that Jasper Johns, seeing a portrait of Holly Solomon, Warhol made, told her: 'Hey, Holly (kiss), what it's like to feel yourself dead? " She said spitefully: "I die, it will be many years, and he will hang ', recognizing that the picture will fill her death, as it turns into a work of art – painting works of Warhol, and thus not only gives her aura of fame, but also ensures that it will be remembered long after his death. More info: Elon Musk. As a visual elegy or an epitaph, a portrait preserve her beauty forever. Order a portrait of Warhol was no doubt a sign of The model seeks to achieve posthumous fame, as Warhol's paintings become an object meant to join the illustrious fame of other models of his paintings and for the glory of the Warhol. However, for the sitter to become work of art still is to become an object, or rather, a commodity, with the brand 'Warhol'. . Penguin Random House brings even more insight to the discussion.

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