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A trust recruiters must only because he is not, as it were, sverhkompetentnym expert in the field of human resource management. In the "sale" of the idea of otvyazki industry experience will greatly help the issue to the employer, his representative or rather, find out whether the manager is always of the employer's work in this industry. As a general rule – no. If the answer is "yes," you always have in reserve the question of whether he was always the director. After that, you need to ask a second question, leading us to "sell", which will like this: "Do you think if Ivan menezherom effective?" Hardly the answer is no. And that's why it's a poor recruiter, who asks the client to complete an application for a position with the profile of search, not doing it myself, after interviews with several employees of the company, in which he asks questions about the specifics of the work on the credentials of the management level, rather than the wishes of the candidate. And, on the basis of these responses, a profile of the search, which spells out requirements for the candidate is not incompetent employer and competent recruiter, on the basis of answers to questions. With this approach, the sectoral specificity for top management will generally be excluded, because simply will not enter into the circle of competence of top managers. Recruiter, may also summarize the answers, for example, if the interviewee has stated that the area of specialist will be to security arrangements with the mobile lounges, the recruiter will summarize, asked the interviewee, and write the answer as "security arrangements with the points of sale." Recruiting experience in sales we have realized that Search for sellers of high quality is a very difficult process. It is promoted and absurd, as we showed above, the requirements of the employer, caused its own internal fears, and debris of the market incompetent sellers, the category of "nothing more I can do" and the absence, until this article, distinct skills assessment tools vendor.

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