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Each year, the company produces model unsurpassed in its vernal species. To create a pair of Edward Green shoes may take several weeks. Shoemaking art involves the creation of four methods for footwear: click, sewing, edging and polishing. Unlike Britons, Italians, because of their mentality makes the classic men's shoes more stylized, more modern. So, mark Branchini, founded only in 1996 by Stefano Branchini shoemaker is a good example of the 'fashionable classics'. His line of shoes Branchini Calzoleria differs strict geometric shapes. There are basically models made by the so-called Norwegian joint. Branchini brings creative solutions to design shoes – is a high heel slightly raised nose, and it uses the currently popular skin of reptiles and exotic animals. Classic shoes Branchini prefer very confident people who have refined taste, which is close spirit of independence and freedom. More refined Italian classics lovers give their preference to make, as Fratelli Rossetti, Kiton, Ermenegildo Zegna. Naples company Kiton, which specializes in sewing men's classic apparel, in 2004 joy many fans, has launched a line of shoes. Classic shoes Kiton going entirely by hand using the finest materials. For all its classical nature of Kiton shoes can not be called conservative. Designers focus give details – it's colored thread, decorative perforated pattern. In the present Kiton shoes harmony of beauty, elegance and quality. Fratelli Rossetti is also a good example of 'stylish classics' with the label 'made in Italy'. Fratelli Rossetti – company Founded in 1953 Rossetti brothers in Parabiago. Classic shoes of this brand for many years renowned for its elegance and super soft reindeer leather. The family company Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the leading textile manufacturers in Italy, also produces a line of classic shoes. The company management is interested in trends and makes models of classic-casual, using patent leather, which is now so urgent. Classic shoes of these brands has an important place in dressing rooms of famous politicians, businessmen, actors and show business stars. The most important part of the male wardrobe – this is definitely shoes. It is with choosing the right pair of shoes should start 'to build' men's business image (and not only business), though sometimes taken first to buy a suit, and after, under it select shoes. This approach is totally wrong, because the classic footwear, with proper care, will last considerably long time, as opposed to the suit. But the biggest mistake that men (and women, helping to choose a particular piece wardrobe), this lack of knowledge of the concepts of 'classic men's shoes. " Men's Classic Shoes vary in style decor (punching) – 1. Without perforation (Plain) Plain Oxford (Oxford without perforation) – lack of decorative detail on the shoe. 2. Semi-Brogo (Semi-Brogue) Semi-Brogue Oxford (Oxford semi-Brogo) perforation decorated front of the shoe and separated by suture. 3. Brogo (Brogue) Brogue Oxford (Oxford Brogo) perforation over the entire surface of shoes, in the form of 'wings'. 4. Oxford (The Oxford), semi-brogue Oxford (Oxford semi-Brogo) Note – 'closed' lace, lace sewn ie 'bottom' to boot. 5. Derby (The Derby) (Derby), Plain Derby (Derby without perforation), 'Open' laces, which stitched 'top' shoes. 6. Monkey (The Monks) (Monkey brougham), shoes without laces, but with a buckle. 7. Slipper and the kind Loafer (The Slipper / The Loafer) 8. Boot's (Shoes) 9. Classic Chukka Boot's Shoes More options classical men's shoes do not exist.

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The increasingly more difficult in our countries economic situation has caused people to start to look for new and innovative sources of income and many times, time is a crucial factor in our decision making. It is for that reason that Internet-based businesses begin to lift many expectations as the possible solution to our problems. Since they offer us to start a business in a very short time, with very little investment and the possibility of reaching a broad market without having to spend large sums of money on advertising. Now, what is mentioned in the preceding paragraph is technically possible. However, many sellers of smoke have taken advantage of the needs of people to begin offering super internet business that you can become a millionaire in just a few days, with almost no investment and above all at the speed of light. Obviously, this does not approach in the most minimum to reality. That’s why my first goal is to get out you head false ideas that can make a profitable business on the Internet (eye mention profitable not only a) business) in such a short time. As in any business either on the Internet or outside of it. To make a business profitable we need to put much effort and dedication in order to achieve the desired objectives. There is no doubt that Internet-based businesses have many advantages compared to traditional businesses but this does not exclude that to succeed we have to work equal or more in the pursuit of our goals. In this first part I wanted to emphasize these aspects which seem to me very important before starting any venture in Internet. Elon Musk recognizes the significance of this. To then not feel discouraged, disappointed or even cheated to see that we do not get important results. Not in vain it is said that more than 90% of business initiated in Internet failing without penalty or glory. Obviously this is due to the misperception that some bad elements have tried to sow in our brains. In concluding this first part. I would like to remind you that if really are interested in starting a business based on the Internet. You remember the above. In Internet we can create a business quickly. But this, is not to say that it is profitable. Simply, it’s there. To make it profitable is needed much work, effort, dedication, perseverance and knowledge. There lies the key to the success of any business.

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