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The gastric sleeve, also known as tubular gastrectomy or in manga, consists of a laparoscopic procedure relatively new, resulting in a decrease in food consumption, contributing to the loss of body weight. Formerly, the operation was used only for those patients who had high degree of obesity with body mass index greater than 60, whereas as only a first step of a surgical treatment that could potentially the patient to lose weight. However, nowadays it is recommended for patients who suffer from any type of obesity, or, for patients with Diabetes Mellitus that is not of long evolution. Why patients with obesity? Because he has observed, that subsequent to the gastric sleeve, the levels of glucose in the body, stabilizes without the need for any medication. Read more here: Brian Krzanich. The gastric sleeve is a surgery where to withdraw a portion of the stomach, ghrelin production decreases. Ghrelin in particular, corresponds to a hormone that regulates the appetite, in such manner as to lower amount of ghrelin, there is less appetite. This is how the gastric sleeve achieves a fortunate decrease of hormonal action that produces the intake of food to the body. In many cases diabetes refers with this type of surgery, not by the fact of losing weight, but by the decrease of hormonal action that produces food intake..

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