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Each type of mount has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example Azimuth released its simplicity and good for children, and in particular for telescopes refractor. Equatorial mount – adjustable latitude and allows direct observation telescope at celestial objects by coordinates. This mount is indispensable for accurate astronomical observations, searching for comets, distant objects. This system is perfect for astrophotography – photographing objects and the sky. System Dobson – very simple, but is not suitable for observing faint objects. Such a system often is used for large reflectors, which will save on the kit, along with the telescope accessories montirovkoy.Aksessuary for the telescope as needed. Do not think you can do without eyepieces, Barlow (allows for greater magnification). It is also convenient to use the electric motors, filters, prisms, and is often asked dr.Uvelichenie question: "What is the maximum increase in the telescope?" Many newcomers somehow believe that the main parameter is the telescope's magnification, but it is not so! Others believe that buying a cheap telescope, placing increase of 500 times and can be viewed rasmatrivat distant galaxies. This is not so! For each telescope has its limits, which can be calculated independently: it needs the aperture (lens diameter) in millimeters, multiply by 1.4 – this will increase with an acceptable image quality. You can also use a large increase, but here you need to look each telescope separately. The resulting image in the eyepiece will be different. There is an absolute limit to increase the quality: the aperture in millimeters multiplied by 2.

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