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Change of direction if the premises are rented. Daily supervision People when she wants to enter a page in facebook either to follow via Twitter will do it because she interests the information to him that you publish and if you do not publish anything, would not be interest of your part like industralist, if the reason is by the time would be advisable to delegate a personnel so that it is in charge of the diffusion or a physical personnel or a virtual assistant. Usually she happens that there is clients who were not satisfied with the treatment in your main or branch premises they spread and it in the social networks; there not to take it as something negative would be to consider that reclamation and to solve it at the moment because if you have an unsatisfied client always will speak bad of your business and a that serious bad image. Feedback or feedback. The social networks are for that to socialize not to always place I connect saying come restaurant or to place to four winds promotions. The people wish to interact with people like I I eat You. When a company wishes to be united more to the Facebook than everything must make it by means of a page of fans or a group. He is the correct thing Permanent update If it arrives at one week of celebrities like the day of the mother who was in May in Peru and you published some promotion by those dates he is advisable you update that it. The reason is that estes effective and not to leave the account in the social networks. To always demonstrate Respect That is necessary to clearly know it and not only in a business if not in everything moment in any event or opinion that was, to always respect the people tries to the others as you would like that they try to you, I apply that it. Transparency If you wish to use the social networks to offer supplies to always attract but clients your business it must have transparency in the results that are not doubts in the results. These are some tips that can serve in a business of Restaurants is more it can apply to companies that wish to be united to the social networks. Some other additional recommendation stops to improve a business by means of the social networks? In order to know what they are the social networks and to improve your personal mark by means of to your business better I recommend these people I consider who them that they give to great value of information to marketing in Internet Carlos Goatherd with its Web CarlosCabrera.net and Luis Samanamud with its Web abrirnegocio.com I recommend these people who know much the subject of social networks that thanks to them I have learned enough which I am been thankful.

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