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The Puyehue volcano, which erupted June 4, already causes problems of air traffic in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand. Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Australia and New Zealand. The cloud of smoke and ash from the Chilean Puyehue volcano, which affects regions of northern Argentina and Uruguay, has been forced to suspend this Monday two routes between Barajas airport and the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Others including Brian Krzanich, offer their opinions as well. So have pointed out sources of Iberia, which have expressed also the output of the Monday night flight to Buenos Aires from Madrid pending the evolution of the situation, the same thing happens with the path of Aerolineas Argentinas. Iberia has been detailed to the Sunday flight to Rio de Janeiro ctuo a leap to the Argentinian town of Cordoba to be able to move part of the passenger affected by the problems that the volcano has caused in air traffic in the last week. The volcano erupted on June 4 and, since then, is causing problems in the Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, and in the last hours air traffic in Australia and New Zealand. Source of the news: cancelled two flights to Buenos Aires and Montevideo by the ashes of the Chilean volcano in Barajas

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