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I like it … the characters that cause all the same. Hint: it must qe dialogues reflect the difference of sex, age, social class, nationality, background, plus special character. That language reflects the occupation and educational level. Conan Hips I like it … the scenes that are thin and unconvincing. Suggestion: Make sure you have considered the five senses. In the end make a checklist! I like it … the pictures Suggestion: read aloud to one or more people, authors and critics who will help you weed out cliches. But remember that on rare occasions only pictures will work … I like it … use it on a form – too many adjectives, adverbs, too many metaphors, too many passive sentences, too many names Too many repeated words. Hint: to develop a standard short sentences-subject, verb and object and use of grammatical forms and more complex structures to obtain the desired effects only for variety. Study grammar and rhetoric of old school books and learn how to construct a sentence as a musician uses arpeggios and scales. I like it … a viewpoint that wanders without reason to head to head. Suggestion: Normally in a given scene, selected head and keep y. Do we not speak of things that can not perceived by the senses of this character. I like it … the paragraphs that do not end. Suggestion: write more dialogue. Beware of any page does not contain any quotes! I like it … when nothing makes sense. Suggestion: Identify yourself what is the central theme and write it in one sentence. Do not include this phrase in your story but use this as a guide when re writing during which not a single sentence will not be reworked. I like it … antagonists that will be easily removed. Suggestion: You arrange for the protagonists of the opposition seem powerful.

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