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Tag: lifestyle Desigual – Unlike All The Others At Modestern.de

Colorful fashion shines at Modestern.de the Swiss Thomas Meyer, it was clear that he wanted to become a no body, but people already in 1984. Through his art, the label Desigual succeeded in increasing its turnover during the last 8 years to 35! In euro, this means: 275 million Euro turnover in 2009. 2010, this figure should increase significantly. More numbers around Desigual: 1,700 men and women working on the success of the label and play a decisive role in this. Design clothes and accessories, with a heart”for each age group. From 0-100 years. For each individual. For every individuals. Already the special kind of store design can be a warm heart. Now 65 countries around the world are now the stores of the Swiss label. And not just the 200 shops of Desigual. 7,000 multibrand stores lead the Desigual collections as well as 500 more, so-called shop-in-shops.” in 2008, Desigual received the prestigious retail-Oscar”for their excellent way of sale in the shops of Desigual. Reason is the optimal spatial and material use, the exposure of the clothes and everything else included. All raises a well-being together with the colorful and charming collections of labels at the customer, so that he can feel contented in yet playful atmosphere. In consequence of the hard work and continuous development, Desigual is one of the most popular brands of today. Fashion online shop Modestern.de now has a part of the current Desigualkollektion in stock as well as many other great designer brands. Customers can shop now even easier through new payment methods such as direct debit and purchase on invoice. Of course shipping within Germany.

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