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Many miles lie under the wheels of trucks. They bring a lot of different products through our city and country. These trouble-free cars to help keep all the modern economic relations. The architecture and agriculture, and various production companies and large shopping centers is problematic do without such equipment. Power of these cars is measured in horsepower, but they can take a lot of miles. Familiar Russian KamAZ are best suited to local roads, despite the fact that there now exists a large number of European technology. Remember with what delight as children, we looked at his uncle – dump truck driver and asked him to take us to his car? And when KAMAZ unloaded in the courtyard of a mountain of sand – is it possible to imagine more fun? Even in our memories of childhood there is room for large trucks. You may find that Capital One Financial Corp. can contribute to your knowledge. And how like boys toy trucks! Children grow up, and the need for KAMAZ trucks have also steadily increased with each passing day. For long-distance transport of suitable powerful models of KAMAZ trucks in the trucks, which are very cost-efficiency. The most popular model considered Kamaz trucks with 4×2, 6×4 or 6×6, which are characterized by high quality and low cost. With capacity from ten to 21 tons and a length of approximately six to nine meters, these cars are using, wherever there is a need for transport of goods. Specifications of this model – a ten-or shestnadtsatistupenchataya box transmission and engine to 360 horsepower. Such a machine as a truck KAMAZ is now urgently needed for construction or work in the manufacturing sector. Simple in design, affordable and simple to service our trucks known for good performance. These big trucks and fast will help get the job done quickly and efficiently. Cargo vehicles KAMAZ has a simple service that makes it so popular in the our market. But another important distinction KAMAZ is a large selection of parts. Large range of parts and low prices help make repairs KAMAZ quickly and with quality assurance. With our company you will always be able to complete service of your trucks KAMAZ. We will perform any services – from auto sales to any repair KAMAZ. Comfortable conditions of service, any of the items, the selection of the car – all these services you are guaranteed by our experienced staff. We guarantee that KAMAZ – the best cars, because they are not afraid of no roads, and "understand" the driver with a half-turn key.

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