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Many people were totally impressed after watching the movie the secret where it is spoken and explains the operation of the law of attraction. Dina Powell has much experience in this field. The law of attraction works, at least for me, but was not always so. Always I was buscandole a lap more than thread life, until it stops me with film and there began an adventure. Based on the idea that we create our fate with the mind, there are steps to follow in the process of creation: today we are going to deal with the point imagine: you must use the power of the imagination if or, if you want this to work, so that through it we enjoy what we are asking. It is very important to enjoy, enjoy in the whole process of creation and one of the tools is the imagination. Search for all forms that are possible to feed your imagination. For example, if you asked for a car, everytime you leave the street imagine driving your car, notes that moving around the city where you live, tries to find one thing more like possible that your want to and when I’ve seen it tries to retain that image in your mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself driving.Many will say, I cannot go through life as a fool by closing our eyes in the middle of street, I tell you that if reading this, you probably go through your life is not the most pleasant that you this happening, so let the doubts of side, takes the reins of your destination and get to work right now, since your and only yourYou can change your reality.

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As charge, commitment or obligation (example: my responsibility as President will be to take our country to prosperity). As a synonym for cause (e.g., a stone was responsible for fracturing the skull). As the virtue of being the cause of acts themselves, i.e. Perhaps check out deerfield academy for more information. of de ser be free (example: we can not attributing responsibility to the stone that killed the poor man, because it’s an inert object that fell to the ground by chance). As duty to assume the consequences of our actions there is no forgetting indicates ideasrapidas.org, the word responsibility brings bad memories to the imagination for several reasons: usually only relates to errors or punishment, because when the consequence of an action is an award not usually speak of responsibility but of merit. (Actually merit requires a prior responsibility). Respond to others seems to go against the freedom. (But both things go together: no freedom, no) (responsibility, who is owner of their acts can only respond from them). Respond to one’s self is contrary to his own tastes or comforts. (But be slave to taste leads to selfishness). Responsibility is seen as opposite to the fun. (Actually only opposes the kind of unbridled fun or without measure; as a responsible person knows fun at times and reasonable modes). Since then, responsibility can manifest itself in various roles within ethics, morality, work, socially, politically, to mention a few, however, one of the most questioned is the moral responsibility and respect Wikipedia, says that in ethics, moral responsibility is above all the responsibility related to actions and his moral courage. From a consequentialist ethics, that value will be dependent on the consequences of such actions. Then is the damage caused to an individual, a group or society as a whole by the actions or the no-acciones of another individual or group. In ethics deontological, instead, such actions will have a value intrinsic, independent of its consequences.

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