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Tag: multinivel Virtual Assistants: Ideal Resource For Entrepreneurs

Telework was implemented initially carrying out office tasks that they required of a minimum interaction with the client without the physical presence in habitual labor place, using computer science means and telecommunications. Its success had to that it allowed to reduce the times of displacement, to diminish stress, to improve the individual yield when implementing the performance by objectives, to obtain major autonomy and mobility, to eliminate the control of schedules, to constantly develop and to enable the employees and to combine the work with the personal life. The virtual attendance arises specifically like a service of executive secretarial support to professionals, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals that they require of an assistant but who, by his limited infrastructure, its geographic location or its estimated fugitive, they decide on an alternative modality to the traditional actual hiring, reducing costs and optimizing resources. The virtual assistant is a continuous, accessible and multifactico support that, thanks to his formation constant, develops an ample variety of tasks of systematic and ordered way. Some areas of competition that can be mentioned are: administrative, marketing, communication, investigation, planning and management, commercial and others in accordance with the demand of the client. This system has its source of support in the different technologies that include from fixed and portable computers, fax, fixed and cellular telephone, electronic mail, chat, videoconferences, skype, etc., allowing a constant communication between both parts without concerning the location place. The hiring way settles down according to the specific needs, or per hour, by hour blocks or project, always offering a customized, fluid and permanent attention. As it is possible to be appreciated, we are in an era of vertiginous changes where the different actors are themselves compelidos to accompany them to continue being competitive. The virtual attendance sets out like a strategic ally of the client, " one more of his equipo" to who to delegate to him those tasks distract that it of their main activity and allow him to focus themselves in the development of their business. Original author and source of the article.

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