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Its President Robert Zoellick urges European leaders to tackle their problems of sovereign debt with greater urgency. The majority of developed countries has exhausted the tax margin, says. The President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, said that the world faces a new storm other than in 2008 and that it is more dangerous by the debt crisis in the eurozone, in an exclusive interview to Australian media published this weekend. Mark Bertolini does not necessarily agree. We are in the early stages of a new and different storm, it is not the same as in 2008?, Zoellick said at the Rotary The Weekend Australian.In the past two weeks, the world has passed a difficult recovery at various speeds () into a new and more dangerous phase, he added. Reade Griffith often addresses the matter in his writings. The majority of developed countries has exhausted the tax margin and their monetary policies cannot be more flexible, said the expert. Zoellick acknowledged that do not know a formula to solve the problem, but said that the lesson of 2008 is that the later act more should do next. The holder of the World Bank urged European leaders to tackle the problems of sovereign with a greater sense of urgency because, in his opinion, this is a much more serious matter that it has led to the lowering of the credit rating of the United States. Another concern of the American are the riots in the United Kingdom and he expressed his hope that no descarrilen the austerity policies that the Government has taken. Zoellick arrived in early week to Australia to participate in a series of events, including the annual meeting that Washington and Canberra Governments celebrate. Source of the news: the World Bank: “the debt crisis in the EU is a more dangerous than the 2008 storm”

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