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Gaddafi is history. It is no longer a question of if you will, but when it will. That could take weeks, but it could also be tomorrow, and when you leave, the international community has to be prepared, he emphasized. However, he stressed, NATO has prepared the ground for a political agreement to leave clear to Gaddafi and his supporters that there is no future for the violence and repression. Don’t see a leadership role for NATO in Libya once this crisis is over, explained. However, the Alliance is ready to assist other international and regional organizations to ensure a progressive process, if there is a solid legal basis, regional support and a demonstrable need for this purpose. NATO is aware that transform Libya into a modern democratic State will be a long and complex process and shaping the future of their country depends on the Libyans. According to what has been heard from the National Council of transition (CNT), which brings together opposition Qaddafi, Rasmussen believes that they have a sincere desire to see true democracy in Libya. It is now that we must begin to plan because the reign of terror of al-Gaddafi is coming to an end and we have to be prepared, insisted. NATO member countries want to so the UN assume the main weight of the mission pos-Qaddafi. In this possible scenario, there will be no forces of the Atlantic Alliance in Libya: don’t anticipate NATO ground troops. Experience shows that the UN Security Council might need some time to approve a resolution allowing the Organization to deploy troops on the ground, he added. That is why NATO send to the UN the very clear message that should have all ready plans. Source of the news: NATO will continue in Libya as long as necessary to achieve their objectives

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