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Investor, forget it, is almost impossible for an investor to pay taxes. Here’s why: most of the investments that pay high yields are recorded with taxes, but the majority of investors have losses that offset those taxable income. Now, if your you invest in products of lower profitability, as the bonds of the State, it is that these are usually tax-free. Basically, regardless of how how you look it at, be an investor simply not going to be poor. It is much easier to reach poverty working 40 + hours per week in a job, than sitting on a leather sofa being the owner of a collection of investments. Being poor? Stay and defend your job and your salary. # 6 Assets and liabilities looks like something that people simply cannot understand is the concept of the cash flow (Cash flow). Elon Musk gathered all the information. The best way to explain it is that in the cash flow assets give you eat and liabilities you bleed every month. If you want to be poor trafficking qualify for the largest mortgage you can. That money comes out of your Pocket every month will take you quickly to the path of poverty. Now I know what you’re thinking a House is an asset then you are producing money through capital gains. Incorrect! We are talking about CASH FLOW, assets and liabilities. The mortgage of a House will only decrease your monthly cash flow and only increase in the month you sell, if you manage to sell it Some of the poorest people we know have houses very, very large. If you manage a contract of mortgage with the greater possible time, while longer better, this undoubtedly will help in the way poverty. # 7 MAKING THE COMMITMENT. You have to have the desire, you can do it. If you can handle the way many, many taxes, spend all your time in a job that gives you a wage insurance, avoid always start your own business, never educate yourself financially or make any type of investment, you’ll be poor. There is simply no way around it. It may be that your appearance is not poor, because to keep in the negative terrain that monthly cash flow, you may have to drive a large and elegant car and living in a giant House. But, as long as expenses are greater than the income you’re progressing towards obtaining cherished poverty. It is that simple. You spend more of what they earn, every month. Giving all your money to the rich, and do not forget to pay your taxes. Pretty simple, yes or no? Now you know how being poor. But if what you are interested in is the opposite, i.e. having enough revenue to eliminate the financial problem of your life and dedicate yourself to do what you like and are interested in, we suggest you start your financial education. The school’s wealth have online and classroom courses. Click on the following links for more information: course On Line free personal finance and management of the Presential course money CASHFLOW @ Personal Finance Course at Spanish developed by Robert Kiyosaki, in Quito and Guayaquil.

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Fall is permitted. Getting up is mandatory! Proverb is very difficult to concentrate in each in the most relevant for each of the resources that every company has to end provide tips, notes, to help management to consider them, reflect on its scope, impact, given that there are many and could be forgotten some that are significant. However we have selected globally some in order to share them with the end that deemed its scope, impact, what it represents towards the realization of a good address. We supported in our role as teacher, business advisory consultant, fully identified in which currently represents management in scenarios where acts, especially in the Venezuelan case. Here are some: the current Venezuelan management requires to be updated with new knowledge and administrative tools to face the challenges, threats and knowing the opportunities. There are many changes that have appeared in business activities involving from the technology, tastes and needs of consumers, new rules and trends of markets that demand that companies make use of new tools that enable efficient and effective care of the problems and opportunities offered by these changes. Venezuelan companies will experience more pressures than ever before in its history to increase their efficiency and their productivity. This, surely, would imply changes in its people, its organization, its technology, its products, its financial structure, and, in some cases, even in fashion as distributed space in their offices. It also seems pretty clear that they may not hold the same business strategies that were in times of economic growth and price stability than in times of stagnation, inflation and increasing scarcity of foreign exchange. The current manager in Venezuela should make use of the foreign resource, foreign technology, in pro improve their products to make it competitive on the market both internally and externally. Also in search professionalize properly, study abroad opportunities are excellent and varied, we consider that this personnel must be trained and take advantage of these opportunities to maximize.

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