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If they still do not have vision and mission, is the time to define it, as this gives us the breadth of the business framework in which we are going to develop the next year and can be focused from two directions: the first is: where we want to arrive? How are we getting? The second in reverse: how are we? And where we want to arrive? To illustrate, here presented two very popular concepts of what is mission & vision: Vision: relatively remote future where the company develops in the best possible conditions according to the dreams and hopes of the owner or executive director. Mission: It is conceived as an opportunity to do business that identifies a company within a context of needs. Clearly defines your audiences or audiences clearly defined audiences or corporate audiences with whom your company has and will have permanent relationship and who you are interested in impact with all communication activity to take place next year. I know many companies that only have some idea of their audiences, the best thing is to write this information in detail. I insist: what is not written simply does not exist. You can read more details on these topics by visiting. image-business. com main audiences of a corporation in the majority of cases are: employees shareholders clients or consumers neighbors of the community where the company resides providers creditors media governmental entities tax guilds to which belongs the local authorities Public Opinion company each of these audiences are interested in your corporation as a source of benefits: the employees want wage and employment; shareholders, utilities; customers, good products and services; governmental entities tax, taxes; distributors and wholesalers, utilities; suppliers, orders; the media, news, etc. The various interests of each audience suggest a specific treatment in the relationship with the company, all under the same general strategic objective annual defined in the mission and vision. The audience of employees, whose goodwill results in increased efficiency; customers, who provide the capital, pay wages and generate profits, as well as shareholders, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, the Government and, very importantly, the media, who are builders of perceptions and also destroyer. In summary, then, have clear talk about who the next year, for a correct approach to all your communication efforts. You can read more about these topics by visiting. image-business. Oscar Rossignoli com is editor and responsible for. image-business. com, a web site developed to train communication professionals in general to design and implement effective communication strategies in his capacity as general managers, consultants, independent, or from their positions as public managers, publicists, journalists, directors of corporate communications and/or any other position that requires comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge for effective performance and with immediate positive results.

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