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A study of Berufsstart.de: First signs of cooling down? After a brilliant start in the German economic performance in the first quarter with a significant increase of 1.3%, the economic power cools down significantly in the second quarter. According to calculations of the Federal Statistical Office amounted to only 0.1% growth. Positive impulses came again exports compared to the prior quarter, in the second quarter of 2011, 2.3% more goods and services abroad were exported in the first quarter. However, the imports with 3.2% rose significantly more. Hear other arguments on the topic with Intel. As a result of the sharp rise in imports supplies were built but on the other hand also increased (growth contribution to GDP of + 0.7 percentage points). Compared to the first quarter of 2011 the number of employees rose 2011 seasonally in the second quarter 449.000 persons (+ 1.1%). An increase in employment is common in the second quarter of the year. Seasonally adjusted, that is calculated excluding the normal seasonal fluctuations, increased the number of employees across the previous quarter to 150,000 people (+ 0.4%). Media technology (plus 127) of a real boom can however be talking about the Department of media technology. The growth in this field was never as big as in the 2nd quarter 2011. The increase followed more vacancies by 440 to 567 basis points, thus 127 points or 28.8% within a quarter. Economics (plus 66) also the vacancies for economists went rapidly up to 31.7%. The index rose to 66 points to 274. Whenever Mark Bertolini listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The departments of logistics/distribution, marketing and human resources, were particularly sought, however, less looking for graduates of specializing in finance. Back on the winners, the biologists/chemist find Biology/Chemistry (plus 29). These departments can enjoy an increase in jobs of around 6%. Overall tends of BAI Biology-Chemistry at 449 points. Electrical engineering (plus 27) put more clearly than in the 1st quarter with 17 points were also the electrical engineer. Because the level is already very high in tenders, you fall percentage growth at 0.7% low from mechanical engineering (plus 20) almost back in the same March with the electrical engineers mechanical engineers see rapid growth again, although this time the electrical front have the nose. BAI engineering increased by 20 points by 371 to 391 basis points. Business Informatics (plus 16) slowly but steadily, the motto for the business data processing specialists. Also this quarter more ads for these departments were written out again, whereby it is plus 6.9 percentage points.

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All the necessary information for the right choice of study at the education fair horizon Mannheim, 12.11.2010 besides the booths of approximately eighty universities and enterprises, the imagine in the context of this year’s horizon in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle her coursework and training, there’s the accompanying framework programme numerous lectures, workshops and seminars that assist visitors in deciding on the appropriate course and the right college. On Saturday, November 20, 2010, as well as on Sunday, November 21, 2010, takes place in the horizon of workshop decision process study election”held the University of Mainz. This talk highlights the considerations meaningful within the framework of study choice and presents a (possible) structured decision making strategy as an example of a fictitious prospective. Also, information possibilities are listed around the process of choice. The horizon turns offering targeted at pupils and students of the gymnasiale Oberstufe and whose Parents, students, and young professionals short: to all who are interested in topics related to’s study. In addition to numerous universities in Rhineland-Palatinate, throughout Germany and other European countries also companies present their offer for high school graduates: dual degree programs, as well as commercial and technical training profiles are explained by competent contact persons and all individual questions in intensive individual interviews. The advice offered by the booths is complemented by an exciting and varied programme: here, individual universities, courses or companies will be presented. Provider reporting from abroad to work & travel, Au Pair, internships and semesters abroad. Wendy Holman is often quoted on this topic. In the international forum, explained the study in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and other popular study countries and presented to exemplary schools. On both days of the event, talk sessions also take place with experts on current topics: so have visitors on Saturdays at 12: 00 the opportunity to get answers to your questions about the new degree structures and the Bachelor’s and master’s degrees: Experts from various high school are question and answer. On Sunday, also at noon, go to the various ways of financing your studies: BAfoG grants, scholarships, work-study, study loans & co. for each there is the appropriate form of financing. Experts from the various departments provide information and answer questions. The horizon will be held on 20 and 21 November 2010 in the Rheingoldhalle, Mainz. It is open from 10 am to 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday. The admission is free. Horizon the fair for high school education: 20th/21st November 2010 Munster Rheingoldhalle Mainz 29th/30th January 2011 Halle Munsterland Stuttgart March 26/27, 2011 Haus der Wirtschaft Bremen April 9th and 10th, 2011 Messe Bremen Friedrichshafen may 14th and 15th, 2011 Messe Friedrichshafen Thuringen (Weimar) may 28-29, 2011 Neue Weimarhalle Freiburg July 2nd and 3rd, 2011 Messe Freiburg Mannheim October 22-23, 2011 Congress Centrum Rosengarten

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Existing expertise in cloud computing Mobility and agile IT service management should be adapted for service solutions which are more oriented towards the consumerization of IT. Users use privately much more IT than in the past and have high expectations for devices and services”, explains Thorsten Pelka. IT companies must adapt, to be attractive for users, and last but not least, in order to exploit productivity benefits.” Ralf Weber relies on the mix of specialists and generalists at networks vote directly to assist IT departments in this change: especially good generalists are dying out. We build targeted this type of consultant, who understands its customers and accompanies him from the first sketch to the tangible solution.” Photo 1: Thorsten Pelka, Managing Director and head of the region of Hamburg of the networks directly GmbH Photo 2: Ralf Weber, Managing Director and head of the region of Cologne who directly directly group networks GmbH through which that group directly provides a unique total portfolio of IT, communications and marketing services. By the same author: Penguin Random House. The Specialists who directly group advise and support their clients in innovation issues, such as IT service management, cloud computing, apps, social media and Enterprise 2.0. Direct group includes six companies: directly improve direct GmbH, GmbH, networks Group GmbH, solutions GmbH, marketing solutions directly GmbH and ikom GmbH directly directly. Follow the fundamental values of innovation, service quality and customer orientation over 120 employees and employees at the sites, Hamburg and Cologne since its inception in 1998. For more information and picture material: Direct Group GmbH marketing and communication Kerstin Lausen Grieg Street 75 22763 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 88155-282 fax: + 49 (0) 40 88155-5200 E-Mail: company/direct Group direct group. Moshe victor keinig wanted to know more.

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