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We do not believe in more than three spatial dimensions, because when some theorists, as the defenders of string theory, try to explain what the other spatial dimensions, especially the fifth, sixth, seventh and so on, what I do understand is that they refer to multiple "dimensions" as coordinates Finite dimensional then you can imagine shapes: flat, curved, round-wound, parallel or bent, but anyway are not really other spatial dimensions, because they are not infinite coordinates, but rather dimensions of the parts and components of the beings that want to locate in three dimensional space. We seem to confuse the general spatial dimensions and infinite in finite dimensions and specific forms of the components and the positions that can take people into space. Sometimes, even, come to imply that the problem of other multiple dimensions can not be understood by normal people and normal intelligence, almost argue that this is a topic of gifted and gifted. We give as an example of the difficulty in understanding the multiple dimensions existence of other examples, like the story, that one observer sees the cable distance Extended energy and I think it's a line that has only one dimension, which is its length. But that ants walking on the wire is clear that the cable has other dimensions such as thickness and also consists of helical strands, which appear to be gimped for them, other "dimensions", simply that the observer, by far not can understand why the do not see them. These arguments were questioned, is that the thickness of the cable and its respective coil are no longer contained within the first three simple infinite dimensions, all those normal people know and understand.

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