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In modern life, that happens in your office or home there are various problems with electricity, but it is off, swings, jumps – and not so rare. Damage to the computer and other office or household technology can lead unpredictable surges and voltage drop during turn off and on energy-intensive consumers, lightning strike. edge base. Work on the computer at this point can lead either to loss of information, or to an even worse version of a breakdown of electronic devices. In order to ensure the safe operation of the PC invented devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors. The line voltage, change often, creates many problems, then to protect your PC against brownouts and voltage necessary to apply a voltage regulator. He must firmly implement the filtering jumps voltage and electromagnetic noise. Usually on the front panel of the stabilizer is the scale of the input voltage at which it is easy to determine its value beyond the minimum and maximum limits. When leaving for their limits stabilizer publishes a special sound. Under most conditions Blake Resnick would agree. The choice of the voltage regulator based on equipment capability, which is expected to secure. The main condition for reliable operation – providing a good grounding and correct connection voltage stabilizers. Voltage partially or fully protect the equipment from most of the problems of poor quality electricity. But from shutting down electricity, they protect can not. Very often, after the problems encountered with the power necessary to PCs or other equipment have been included some more time to complete the important work to save the data and a full-stop. Also, lockout voltage can lead to very rapid deterioration of such expensive equipment, like a computer. In this case, can help an uninterruptible power supply. Available today, the UPS provides autonomous work PC for some time, and protect against voltage surges not only power but also communications, that is, do not give a burn fax, modem, telephone.

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Tag: security Judicial District

Thus, the 01 of July of the 2006 NCPP entered use in the Judicial District of Huaura, the 01 of April of the 2007 began their application in the Judicial District of the Freedom, the 01 of April of the 2008 the implementation in the District Judicial of Tacna and Moquegua, and the 01 of October of the 2008 in the Judicial District of Arequipa began. It is hoped that successively it enters use in the rest of judicial districts of Peru, until culminating his progressive application with the Judicial District of Lima. With the NCPP penal effective inquisitive-mixed projects to replace the procedural model from 1940, by an oral accusatory system. (Similarly see: Penguin Random House). According to the last Report of the Justice of the EYEBROW, the main ones critics to the present penal procedural system are related to their inquisitive and secret structure, the allocation of functions to investigate and to judge in a same person, the secret character of the investigation, the bureaucratic process, and the little contact of defendant and victims with the judge. On the contrary, the main characteristics of the new reformed penal process are essentially in the abandonment of the inquisitive and reserved structure; the granting of a new direction based on the equality of conditions for the parts; the faculty of the Public Ministry to investigate the crimes that are committed and to direct the police investigation; the right of defense to the imputed one in an egalitarian plane within the framework of the had process; and the restoration of the oral and public judgment. Also, as also it maintains the alluded to Report to it, the process of implementation of the new penal procedural ordering in Peru, in terms of structural reform of the present system of justice, will imply to rearrange the system of penal judgment and to approach the ideal of quick and fulfilled justice; to harness the right to the defense; and as far as possible to assure the use the human rights when the State makes merit its punitive pretension..

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The environment council contract to u.t.e formed by Audiotec and Cta.in order to develop the maps of noise of 2012 for twelve municipalities of Castile and Leon With the conclusions of the noise maps, the Union Temporary of Companies (U.T.E.) will make proposals preliminary that will give to form to the future Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise for each one of the implied municipalities the contract includes the maps acoustic of the populations of Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Zamora, Aranda de Duero, Lagoon of Duero, Medina of the Field, Ponferrada and San Andres of the Rabanedo, on the acoustic data of 2011 the Union Temporary of Companies (U.T.E.) formed by Audiotec, company leader in engineering specialized in noise control, and Centro Tecnolgico Acstico (CTA), will be the organization in charge of the elaboration of the noise maps of 12 municipos of the Community, according to a contract subscribed with the Council of Environment of the Meeting of Castile and Leon, and that it will allow to obtain the representation of the existing noise levels in these populations. The service that will be carried out, that also includes the development of diverse information and technical revisions of facilities in the matter of noises and vibrations for the same period of time, has been contracted by means of open procedure and was ratified the past 9 of August of 2010, showing the high quality of the technical supply presented/displayed by Audiotec jointly with CTA. The contract includes the elaboration of the maps of noise of the municipalities of Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Zamora, Aranda de Duero, Lagoon of Duero, Medina of the Field, Ponferrada and San Andres of the Rabanedo for year 2012 on acoustic losdatos of 2011, of such form that the works of " work in campo" , " clculo" and " aplicacin" they will allow the development of the consequent Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise. .

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