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Have you ever thought about having sex on Internet, or so-called virtual? Walking through the open spaces of the web, have you ever stumbled on proposals to fool around on the internet? Let's look on the minus and plus of entertainment. There is the assertion that we find that are looking for. Even if we do not know about it, subconsciously. But, being on a dating site, or distributed in an unprotected from prying messages client communications is very easy to stumble upon people who are looking for a virtual Sex. Rather, they come to you. If it is repeated often enough, it can be concluded that the phenomenon exists. Or maybe the problem. So why did it choose to, many young and not very people? Plus a virtual sex lies in the fact that a partner in this game you are not familiar with each other and did not have to. No need to spend money on flowers and chocolates, led the girl to a restaurant, cinema. Financial savings – that's one of pluses Wirth. Expenditure is only pay for bandwidth and electricity. Not necessarily primp before a date on the Internet – and that's not the fact that the partner perceives you as you are, but simply held the act you have about each other and the memories do not remain. Pick up any infection, sexually transmitted, doing this kind of sexual gratification, unrealistic. Worry about contraception as well not necessarily. If you suddenly want to relax this way – the result of partner search will not be long in coming. On the internet people draw images of each other, based on dialogue, photos, videos. Virtual sex can be from a simple chat, as well as audio and videoconference. However, virtual sex belongs to the class of light distortions. By this inference can be reached by tying a conversation with a man that has run down to this fun. His problems begin with communication, in reality, begin personal complexes. These people are harmless, while on the other end. But they need someone or attention that they do not get in real life, can not realize their potential. They are often lacking in this time and desire. All psychologists unanimously agree that these problems have their origins in childhood. On the Internet you can get a lot more and easier than in real life. What is missing, draw a fantasy. and suddenly the question is: why? Why do people run away from real life, if you know that nothing can replace real human contact now. Life – a rich set of emotions, touching, tender words, views, flavors, interactions, desires. If it is replaced by virtual reality – that the future will not be. So, choose a real warm relationship.

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