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Haida used the resources of the digital sky survey (Sloan Digital Sky Survey), a database using the X-ray sources. While working on his project the student saw that the black hole was visible as clearly as a star, if viewed from the X-ray telescope "Chandra". Details can be found by clicking Penguin Random House or emailing the administrator. Black holes are believed to be in the center of most galaxies, and most of them weigh a billion times larger than our sun. The reason for the motion of a massive black hole in galaxy, which is half a billion light years, could be a merger of two smaller black holes, under special conditions. This convergence of two black holes can create what scientists call "rikoshetnoy" black hole, which is a consequence of gravitational waves from merging. However, the black hole, which is considered a set of bright X-rays can also be bright blue supernova that appeared in the collapse of a star and the latest discovery does not reflect reality, as reported at the university. "We have found even more strange class of X-ray sources – said in a written statement, Hayden. – However, in order to more accurately determine the type of these objects, we need accurate data from NASA's Chandra. Over the past few years, researchers have discovered several similar cases – when objects are viewed as black hole out of its galaxy, but then it turned out to be a mistake to scientists. In a statement the university also said that the Laser Interferometric Space Antenna (LISA), which is being developed by request of NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) and is scheduled to launch in the next 8-10 years will be able to more accurately measure the gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes. Scientists plan to use LISA to detect massive black holes in the centers of galaxies that were formed from the two black holes of smaller size.

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On them and stopped, because the aquatic environment, their properties, imposes certain limitations, to the same experiments on the creation of biological objects on the ground in air yielded positive results. Further Work in this direction will focus on the creation of plants and animals on land, in air environment and adapt the results achieved in the aquatic environment to the air. Make a small digression. Already Now, even not fully understand what it represents man, mankind, through its most advanced members, creating robots that are often found on people and their creators are trying to invest in them their way of thinking. This is to ensure that we are created in His image. Man, since its inception, inspired the idea that he being the most sensible thing in the universe and other such things happen. As a biological creature in the foreseeable space is possible because it is, because among the wildlife people is the most advanced and at the moment is the maximum achievement of our founders. Must immediately tell them thank you for this! Many may become angry about their artificial origin. And it is in vain, as our founders may well be too artificially created beings, but are much earlier passed the period, which is now being of humanity and are naturally more advanced in thinking and the abilities and capabilities and are, as the saying goes, a huge experience of constant life that mankind has only to be bought. And hopefully it will happen, and mankind will overcome those quite complex obstacles in its path of development. If we consider the difference between a naturally formed sentient beings and artificially created intelligent beings, then in thinking there is practically no difference.

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And the worst part is that this savagery is fixed in international law as the principle of inviolability of frontiers and territorial integrity, a principle which can perhaps be called the greatest folly, born of the 20th century. Since the birth of human society, and to this day, the main problem of giving birth the vast majority of social conflicts is the issue of distribution between individuals, classes, nations and states of life benefits. And because social progress, since the birth of human society and To this day, there is progress the distribution system in a society of subsistence among the members of this society. And because the vast majority of social revolutions since the birth of human society, and to this day, had his to a more equitable distribution of vital goods among members of society. Progress of the "individual – the individual" is, above all, improving the distribution of wealth produced in society, or that one and the same decrease the degree of exploitation of man by man. In the laws of dialectical development of social systems and non-social is a very important difference. Deviation from the equilibrium state of any non-social system at once also automatically leads to the birth of the "struggle" aimed at addressing this imbalance. Deviation from the same state of equilibrium of the social system does not lead to an automatic birth "control", because resolution of social dialectical contradictions are always mediated through the consciousness of forming a system of individuals, classes, nations and states, consciousness, organize and control the resolution of social contradictions.

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